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Jamie Beck for Luxe Provence

January 22, 2023

We are thrilled to release a new dress in our Jamie Beck Capsule Collection!

Meet Eloise, a limited-edition Luxe Provence x Jamie Beck design collaboration now available in both noir or cloud silk cotton voile. Perfect for a trip to Paris, elegant cocktail party, or a chic evening out.

american in provence jamie beck for luxe provence dress

The Eloise Dress is filled with joy and romance. This elegant, wrap dress floats like a cloud… and is a true dream to wear, balanced by delicate ruffle sleeves and a sexy, yet playful skirt. The bodice and mid sections are double-lined in the same sublime fabric in this midi length dress. No need for a slip as this black voile offers enough coverage on its own.

This wrap dress adjusts to a wide variety of body types featuring a thin double wrap cord belt.

Available in limited edition or by pre-order at our boutique at: So don’t miss it!

Shop the dress now…

Jamie Beck is an artist, photographer, and New York Times bestselling author of the book ‘An American in Provence‘, a breathtakingly beautiful love story to Provence which features several of our Luxe Provence x Jamie Beck design collaborations inside. She also created the wildly popular ‘Isolation Creation’ series on Instagram during the Covid pandemic and is the co-creator of the cinemagraph with her partner, Kevin Burg. 

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Luxe Provence Candles – Fragrance from Grasse

January 21, 2023
luxe provence candle grasse fig Stephanie Bakouche

They’re back! Discover our limited-edition, candles… Made in Provence. We’ve teamed up with the region’s finest female Artisans of Provence including: a master perfumer in Grasse and a local award-winning ceramicist, to create these gorgeous Luxe Provence Candles inspired by our favorite Mediterranean fragrance… fig.


luxe provence candle fig figuerolles calanque

This edition’s limited series release is our new, hand-poured Figuerolles candle created in an organic, ceramic vessel by Artisan of Provence, Georgie Blin, featuring the most intoxicating Mediterranean green fig fragrance from Grasse, designed to transport you to a seaside summer day in the calanques, any time of the year. The design of the vessel mimics the soft waves of the Mediterranean and features a fig green enamel inside. Each double-sized 500 gram candle is hand-poured using natural, soy wax with two elegant cotton wicks for even burning.

luxe provence candle fig figuerolles grasse fragrance

“The fragrance story is inspired by my first summer in Provence at the Mediterranean exploring the clear turquoise waters and fig-dotted calanques with my two young boys. We still often sit under the shade of the most amazing fig tree for lazy rosé-influenced lunches at Mugel.  And a  magical fig tree serves as the fragrant entrance to the wild, mystical calanque of Figuerolles, where I derived the name, as it refers to the fig grove that was once dominant in this calanque. Each time we would pass beneath these two beautiful trees the fragrance during the summer months was just intoxicating… a swirl of green figs and fig leaves, with the ion-infused sea waters. When I smell this fragrance, I can close my eyes and be transported to my happy place here every time.”  – Tarik Koivisto, Founder Luxe Provence

This luxury fragrance story is created together with reputable Grasse perfumer, Stéphanie Bakouche, featuring notes of: green fig, fig leaf, milky sap, sandalwood and soft peach skin.  Each candle is delivered to your doorstep, in our beautiful gold-foil gift box.

A piece unique ceramic vessel is handcrafted and reusable created locally by award-winning ceramicist, Georgie Blin in Provence.

  • Premium fragrance from Grasse by parfumer, Stéphanie Bakouche 
  • 500 grams soy wax candle with two cotton wicks; burn time approximately 45-50 hours
  • Olfactory notes: green fig, fig leaves, milky sap, cedar and sandalwood with a touch of peach skin
  • Unique piece created in white clay with fig green interior (10x10x11 cm)
  • Artisan of Provence: Georgie Blin
  • Delivered in our Luxe Provence Gold Logo Foil Box: 12x12x14cm
  • A limited edition series, while supplies last

luxe provence candle grasse fig



Each Luxe Provence candle features a handcrafted ceramic vessel in terre blanche by Artisan of Provence, Georgie Blin in her atelier. Georgie’s passion for ceramics began at the age of 8. Fascinated by sculpture, she studied visual arts at the University of Lille, then discovered the rich world of culinary pottery in Italy.  She apprenticed under Jean Paul Aiello, who taught her how to overcome her limitations by his art. A student of Gilles Durand for three years and a graduate of the Aubagne ceramics school, Georgie received a gold medal as a “Meilleurs Apprentis de France”.

perfumer from grasse


Stéphanie Bakouche is an active member of Versaille’s Osmothèque and Accords & Parfums, and is the talented young nose behind luxury niche fragrances: Rose Privée by L’Artisan Parfumeur; Jul et Mad’s Fugit Amor and Mon Seul Desir; and Cloon Keen Atelier’s Bataille de Fleurs.

Bakouche spent seven years in fragrance development for brand, l’Artisan Parfumer, and as a student and colleague of nose, Bertrand Duchaufour.  She is also an independent member of Accords & Parfums, the acclaimed perfume center located on the historic Domaine Sainte Blanche, with direct access to the highest quality fragrance ingredients and latest technology innovations in the world of perfumery. We are thrilled to collaborate together on our first Luxe Provence fragrance.

The prestigious Accords & Parfums was founded by Olivier Maure, well-known for passionately protecting Grasse’s perfume heritage for decades, alongside Edmond Roudnitska, the French Master Perfumer and founder of Art & Parfum. Roudnitska is the nose behind many of today’s bestselling fragrances of all-time, such as: Dior’s Eau Sauvage, Diorissimo, and Rochas’s Femme, which were created on the same historic property as our fragrance.

Order yours today online at:

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Château Charleval

November 7, 2021
chateau Charleval provence art gallery luxe provence

I had the enormous pleasure to be invited to photograph our Luxe Provence Fete Collection at the magical Château Charleval – Provence Art Gallery created by philanthropist, entrepreneur, sculptor and art collector, Daniel Rocher (picture below, left). The venue is pure magic! The château with its four turrets and slate tiles was constructed in 1854 by Monsieur Bonefoi on the ancient hunting grounds of César de Cadet, whose bust reigns supreme above the quaint fountain just up the street. The château’s Renaissance style is an extremely rare sight here in Provence. Constructed as an elaborate gift for the original owner’s bride-to-be, this architectural delight is elegantly tucked away in this sleepy town, like a hidden gem, just off the center square of its namesake village in the Luberon.  It is truly a must-visit venue that elegantly fuses a preserved, historic marvel with a modern art gallery, featuring a tightly curated collection of Provence’s finest local artists: including many French avant-garde sculptors and painters from the region.

Château Charleval originally opened in 2019 after two years of renovations featuring: 27 artists, 150 oeuvres and 60 sculptures set in a seven hectare park and is in constant evolution. The artists’ works are located both inside the numerous gallery rooms, with special dedicated spaces, and its adjacent gallery space next door.

Daniel is a sculptor, seasoned entrepreneur and philanthropist and also the son of cosmetic pioneer, Yves Rocher. He fell in love and purchased the property in 2019, with the mission of preserving this rare, historical monument and promoting the work of local artists. Rocher has successfully created both an intimate and impressive gallery and vast sculpture garden compromised of cutting edge, contemporary artists. Upon my latest visit, three new, massive contemporary sculptures were just being lifted and erected in the ever-expanding gardens by avant-garde artist, Francis Guerrier (I’ll keep the surprise for you to discover on-site).

Daniel’s passion for historic preservation, nature and art is contagious as he details his curation of handpicked artists with his personal tours. His own impressive sculpture work is throughout the gallery and gardens, including his iconic, Jacob’s Ladder piece. (This sculpture is animated in our opening image by multi-talented actress, performer and Luxe Provence model, Louise Pascal and is a focal point in the sculpture gardens.) There is clearly a theme throughout the collection of the inter-relation between art and nature.

There are so many exciting artists to discover, from: local Petruis painter Gerard Rocherieux (circular paintings in opening images), Javier Balmaseda’s intricate crab installation, to marine ecologist and painter, Yves Henocque (above center). Ariel Moscovici creates “multi-facetted structures or constructions – as it were, the primordial egg or seed” and Aurelien Raynaud’s impressive and intricate Octopus sculpture made entirely of wire is a tribute to nature and its infinite richness.

My personal favorite artist who I’d like to share more about is Aurelia Rocher. She is currently exhibiting her sculpture work at the gallery with a select few artists, such as Saint Remy’s Jean Bosc, which will be re-opening in a few short months. Art and creative talent clearly run in the blood of the Rocher family. Aurelia’s sister, Noemie’s large, triptyque ink abstract paintings are hauntingly ethereal and featured throughout the chateau and gallery as well. It’s so refreshing to be around Aurelia and her incredible energy and listen as their family discuss the latest oeuvres in the collection, inspiration, and their artistic discoveries in daily conversation. They are all busy creating and contributing to this incredible cultural lieu here in Provence we are so lucky to have. Aurelia’s exhibit titled ‘Rever l’Espace’ (picture above right) stands quietly apart from the rest of the pieces exhibited and forces you to take pause. Her sculptures are an elaborate and incredibly intricate array of mico-organisms inspired by nature, bio-diversity and anemochore.

Aurelia’s work feels alive and particularly apt for the planetary crisis we are living. Her work is vibrant, alive and dynamic, blurring the boundaries between: art and nature, evolution and confinement, restrictions and freedom. Aurelia explores themes of transformation and tells the story of perhaps our not-so-distant future where one must radically adapt our physical form in order to simply survive. She is a local Aixoise artist and her intriguing sculpture work is available to purchase on-site, or by commission.

We hope you have enjoyed our little highlight reel and peak inside of this spectacular venue. There are so many more incredible artists to discover, that you’ll have to visit for yourself. And in the meantime, here are a few images of our recent Holiday Campaign shoot photographed by me featuring Louise Pascal at this incredible venue in Provence.

Be sure to organise your visit for a closer look at Château Charleval’s art gallery and sculpture gardens, which are open for private tours Tuesday – Saturday 14h – 19h by reservation only at: 06 67 89 99 01 . Please be sure to call ahead. There’s so much to discover that you can easily pass 2-3 hours between the gallery space, château rooms and incredible gardens. The visit comes complete with stunning views of the Luberon countryside and changing seasonal color. Stay tuned for upcoming events next summer, or contact them for private event bookings.

Château Charleval: 06 67 89 99 01 13350 Charleval

Featured artists include: @ariel_moscovici @aurelien_raynaud @damiens.manon @gerard.rocherieux @jeanboscisabarbier @javierbalmaseda @julien__allegre @noemierocher

Photo credits above: Louise Pascal for Luxe Provence in the Barbara Dress, Iris Coat in front of painting by Noemie Rocher. Photograph copyright by Tarik Koivisto. Contact at:

Blog post and photography by: Tarik Koivisto, Founder, Creative Director Luxe Provence. Aurelia Rocher portrait and featured image work taken by photographer, David Atlan.

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In the Atelier: Aurore Pélisson, Artisan of Provence

October 3, 2021

This season’s featured Artisan of Provence is a sustainable, plant-based, textile designer that we have collaborated with since 2017 in our Luxe Provence slow fashion lines and curations. We are thrilled to collaborate together again this season on a limited-edition version of one of our most popular dresses, our Athena Dress. We first created this piece in a gorgeous blush and will be releasing a new deeper, richer autumn toned palette coming soon. Each is a unique piece and hand-dyed using only local natural plants: garance, pomegranate and walnut shells, to create a champ des fleurs inspired pattern on our signature Italian silk and cotton voile. The results are stunning!  These special edition Athena dresses feature romantic, puff sleeves, hand-frayed couture details in a chic, midi length, perfect for a special celebration, or heading off to a cocktail party by night.


Aurore studied at the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, France in 2009, specializing in textile design. Upon graduation, Aurore moved to London, where she worked on several high-profile artistic collaborations, including an installation for the Hackney Wicked Festival of contemporary art. She was asked to exhibit her large format silk textiles in the historic Eglise du Couvent des Celestins at the Parcours de l’Art in 2013 (featured below). The Celestine Church is located in Corps-Saints Square and was constructed under the orders of Clement VII in 1389. In parallel, she also launched her own namesake brand with the mission of designing and creating unique textile pieces of art working only with natural dyes and materials.

aurore pelisson hape silk seriegraphie

In 2011, she returned to her birthplace of Avignon to perfect her craft integrating natural and plant-based dying and serigraphy techniques into her work, followed by three years working at the lovely atelier Cité d’Artistes du Couvent Levat in Marseille, a former convent set on 1,7 hectares of gorgeous garden space in the center of the city. She has since settled into the artistic community of Forcalquier in the foothills of the Lure Mountain.

I have spent the last few years peeking behind-the-scenes with Aurore in her atelier to discover more about her design process, inspiration and methods on how she creates her beautiful silk works of art. Most recently, I took a deeper dive into her natural dye world to learn more ways to integrate sustainable dye practices into our slow fashion line, by participating in one of her fantastic three-day workshops held in a ancient silk factory in the heart of the Cevanne.

All of the color dyes Aurore uses for her textile art is made from local plant roots, leaves, insects and even pomegranates from her grandmother’s Provence garden. Her beautifully organic, patterned prints are created by impressing the elements themselves into the carefully tinted fabric and tightly rolling them, similar to a shibori technique before plunging each creation into their dye baths. For example, the reddish colors and patterns (picture above and below) were created from the roots of the garance plant, a pesky and sticky Provence weed that she integrates into her design. Truly a stunning example of finding the beauty in everyday living things.

We hope you are as excited as we are to discover more about this season’s limited edition Athena Dress collaboration featuring Aurore’s plant-based textile. Not only is this piece hand-dyed, but also features hand-frayed detailing by our local artisan couturiere, Laure Pailhon which makes each dress a truly, handmade and unique piece.

Part of our passion is to discover and promote local talented artisans while integrating sustainable and local design practices into our Luxe Provence slow fashion and maison lines.  We are proud to work with Provence’s top French artisans to create sustainable, ethically created pieces that are designed to last for years to come. Sustainable, artisanal and ethical design practices have and will always be a strong part of our brand values and mission.

Let us know what you think about our latest collaboration and what color palettes you’d like to see next!

We have featured Aurore’s couture silk tunique pieces as a hero option in our first V1: Mediterranean Gold: Climb Aboard curation, our subscription featuring a resort wear inspired collection, as well as, in our Luxe Provence home textiles shipped in our V9: Autumn Impressions – Luxe Provence Blush Subscription.

Slow Living

Slow Living Series – Immunity Strength

March 30, 2021

I am excited to introduce a new face in our Luxe Provence Slow Living series, a healthy space dedicated inspired by life in Provence featuring local friends and experts from the region. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic we continue to live with around the world, there’s really no better time than now to look at ways to integrate healthier habits to our daily lives. My goal is to provide interesting content in collaboration with hand-selected experts I know and trust, to inspire your own journey in finding better life balance, creativity and improved health and wellness.

To keep things interesting, I will be bringing you 1:1 interviews from inspiring nutritionists, herbalists, holistic healers, and French chefs. Plus, discover regular inspiring gluten-free recipes and plant-based healing designed to strengthen your health and overall wellbeing.

Since most of us around the world are more confined to our homes than before, you may be spending more time in the kitchen than ever (my kids and I seem to be in the fridge every 30 minutes, lately..), so let’s start with food.

Meet the Expert: Rachel Baker, Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine

I am kicking off with Q/A with Provence-based, Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine expert, Rachel Baker (picture above). I love Rachel’s highly-visual and inspiring Instagram account, especially when I need a nutrient-rich recipe pick-me up. I have asked her to share a bit about her journey in self-healing, along with one of her go-to delicious recipes specifically designed to strengthen our immune system. Plus, she’s graciously shared some insider Provence market tips.

(TK) First of all, can you tell us a little bit about what brought you to Provence?

(RB) We first came to Provence 10 years ago for a family holiday. It really was love at first sight – the daily outdoor markets, bursting with fresh fruit and vegetables, the best olive oils, and the traditional hill top villages, vineyards and orchards. By the end of the first week my husband and I knew we wanted to move here. It was a question of engineering backwards to make it happen.

(TK) I love your slow living approach to sharing on Instagram stories, I find your recipes so inspiring! What inspired your current path as an expert nutritionist and your contagious passion for healthy eating?

(RB) I’ve been interested in nutrition since my teens when I first became a vegetarian and started experimenting with plant-based food. I’ve always cooked intuitively with the seasons, with a belief that Mother Nature sets the rhythm for what my body needs at certain times of the year. Seasonal cycles have a profound influence on the needs of my body and aligning myself with the seasons in this way connects me with what I’m eating and helps me to tune back in with my body. Taking the time to appreciate the simple pleasure of looking forward to the first tender sweet peas or the first punnet of strawberries reminds me that there really are things in life worth waiting for. So, in this way, I’ve always known, perhaps intuitively as well as from our ancient forefathers, that food is medicine.

Then around six years ago, my health took a serious nose dive. My adrenals were totally burnt out and over a period of weeks and months my symptom list continued to grow, until one day the batteries literally ran out and I struggled to put one foot in front of the other. After seeing an entourage of different specialists, I decided to take back my power and make my health and well-being a priority. The more I researched, the more convinced I became that I could reverse my loss of health by nourishing myself with nutrient dense food and changing my lifestyle practices. As my health slowly started to improve I discovered that restoring my own health was not at odds with helping others achieve theirs. My desire to increase my learning led me to enroll on a Master’s degree in Personalised Nutrition. That was four years ago and I can honestly say that it was a pivotal moment in my life. Since then, I’ve studied Biological Medicine with Swiss physician Dr. Thomas Rau, director of the world renowned Paracelsus Clinic, who single-handedly strengthened my belief that natural healing is possible without pharmaceuticals. Just over a year ago I launched my online business, 3 Sources Mind Body Nutrition, to support and empower others to live optimally, no matter where they are on their health journey.

(TK) That’s such a powerful approach to take in spearheading your own healing. I am so glad you have been able to achieve results with your own health and must feel so good to take back that control. It is so important for us all, to really listen to our bodies, even if the doctors don’t believe you or understand at first. I, too, have been battling with my health and visited over 12 specialists in two years, before we were able to finally identify the core issues I was experiencing. Despite making progress on gut health, I am still currently battling multi-system Lymes and persistent co-infections, which leaves me feeling a bit vulnerable, immune-wise. The current COVID-19 pandemic is certainly causing a lot of stress particularly for those who are already navigating health issues or feel immune-compromised. What sort of tips could you offer to us all, to help us boost our immune systems at this very stressful time?

(RB) It’s helpful to think about the immune system as something that you want to be balanced, rather than boosted. You can support a strong immune system with nutrition, herbs, lifestyle, and mindset. Now is a good reminder that it’s hard to “make up” for loss of health. Rather, you want to work towards a balanced regime that you can maintain all year round. My approach relies on a daily fortification of the immune system that begins from within.

Since almost 80% of your immune cells are located in the gut, your digestive tract is the first place to start when thinking about immune strength. This is because the gut is home to the trillions of bacteria that make up your microbiome and these bacteria play a critical role in maintaining a strong immune system.

(TK) Now more than ever, I believe people are looking for not only immune support but daily stress relief tips, and are truly open to living healthier. This is perhaps the silver lining on our current pandemic. Describe your recommendations, or first steps to someone looking to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves. 

1: Simple ways to integrate immune boosting now

(RB) To support immunity, you want to heal the gut and provide it with good nutrition. Prebiotic plant fibres contain compounds that ‘seed’ the gut and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. You can be sure you’re keeping your microbiome happy by eating healthy sources of prebiotics such as: chicory root, Jerusalem artichoke, dandelion greens, garlic, leeks, onions and asparagus. Probiotic foods ‘feed’ and promote the growth of beneficial microorganism communities. Good options to include are fermented foods such as: kimchi, sauerkraut, coconut milk yoghurt, water or coconut kefir, kombucha, or raw unpasteurised sheep or goats milk cheeses.

2: Stress and anxiety reduction techniques

(RB) Increased levels of stress increase susceptibility to viral infections. In order to get yourself from a place of stress activation to one of calm, the key is to work with the body from the outside in. There are many ways to bring your nervous system into a state of regulation in the moment as well as part of a practice. A regular, consistent meditation or breath work practice is one of the most effective (scientifically proven) ways to bring your system into regulation. When practiced over time some of the benefits are a toned, flexible nervous system, which enables you to have the capacity to move through your life with greater awareness, ease, and resilience.

3: Easy actions for beginners to integrate into their diet

(RB) Here are some of my easy-to-implement immune warriors:

  • Fresh raw garlic – add to food
  • Fresh ginger juiced or blended and strained. Take it as shots, add it to water or tea and lean in during a viral season
  • Medicinal mushrooms are immune modulating, meaning they help your immune system work at an optimal level. In particular, reishi and chaga, which also improve your microbiome’s health. Even eating regular mushrooms will help, but shiitake mushrooms are a great source and easy to find in dried form
  • All the spices – think turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne, chilli pepper – anything that makes you warm and sweaty, flushed and well circulated. Many of these increase T-cell function, which you can think of as your bodies fighter cells
  • Fresh herbs: oregano, rosemary, parsley, thyme, coriander, mint, etc. – these are potent medicinal plants that provide immune supporting and antiviral properties
  • My Miracle Broth (see recipe below) is the perfect vehicle for all the ingredients mentioned above.

luxe provence slow living
(TK) Wow, thank you for so many great nutrition tips. I am a bit obsessed with adding raw garlic and ginger to everything, good to know I’m not alone! Now for some fun insider Provence questions. Your homebase here is in the Luberon, one of my favorite regions of Provence. Give us a snapshot of your ideal day. 

(RB) A trip to one of my favourite outdoor markets to buy fresh salad leaves and raw goat and sheep milk cheeses for lunch, perhaps some fresh figs and a bouquet of beautiful flowers, such as sunflowers or anemones. A simple market lunch enjoyed in our garden overlooking the Luberon hills. A late afternoon walk to Lacoste, through the ancient vineyards and cherry orchards. An evening meditation at sunset followed by a favourite book, listening to the sound of cicadas and the warm gentle breeze coming in through the open window. This would be my ideal day, not a working day I might add!

(TK) What are your top Provence market towns for sourcing the best produce, or that you find inspiring?

(RB) I absolutely love the Coustellet Sunday morning market for the best fresh produce bought direct from the famers. The local market of Apt, one of the best in the region, for local cheeses, honey, artisan breads and cut flowers. And Lourmarin market for its stunning backdrop and ambience – the perfect place for people watching!

(TK) Finally.. could you please share your favorite immune boosting recipe, for our readers? I love watching your Instagram stories for new recipe ideas. I am certain my readers would appreciate!

(RB) I am sharing my all-time favourite plant-based broth recipe, aptly named “Miracle Broth,” because it’s exactly that, miraculous. And here’s just some of its incredible benefits:

Reduces inflammation – the root cause of most disease

Alkalises the body – ideally our diet should be 80% alkaline and 20% acidic

Supports the adrenal glands – the organs that get hit the hardest when we are tired and wired

Supports healthy digestion – full of plant based fibres to encourage beneficial bacteria

Thyroid supportive – rich in iodine. 

I like to add a boost of Chinese herbs – known as adaptogens – to balance the hormones and the adrenal glands, but you don’t have to. I highly suggest using a good quality, heavy based pot to make the broth as the key is to keep it at a simmer for the entire cooking time to extract all the nutrients. It’s very important to use organic or unsprayed vegetables as you don’t want chemicals leaching into your broth. For overall health benefits, I recommend drinking 1 cup per day. I like to drink it in the morning to alkalise my system. Salt is as you serve it with pink Himalayan salt for an added mineral boost.


      • 2-inch piece of Kombu or handful of wakame seaweed
      • 1/2 cup dried shiitake mushrooms
      • 1 whole onion, skin on, sliced in half
      • 5 garlic cloves, skin on, halved
      • 3 carrots, unpeeled, cut into thirds
      • 3 celery stalks (with leaves), chopped
      • 1/2 medium red kuri or kabocha squash, skin on cubed
      • 1 medium leek, cut into thirds (white and light green parts)
1/2 small bunch kale, leaves only
      • 2 unpeeled red potatoes, quartered
      • 1 medium fennel bulb with fronds, quartered
      • 2 inch piece of fresh turmeric, unpeeled and grated (or 1/2 tsp dried ground)
      • 2 inch piece of ginger, skin on and grated
      • 1 handful parsley sprigs (including stalks)
      • 6 black peppercorns
      • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar (unpasteurised)
3 slices dried astragalus (optional)
      • 1/2 tsp reishi powder (optional)

Add everything to pot. Add water to cover. Simmer for 1.5 hrs. Strain. Once cool, decant into glass bottles and store in the fridge for up to one week.

Thank you so much, Rachel! Let us know if you have any comments or questions below. And hopefully you have enjoyed this first post in our new series!

Learn More:

Rachel Baker is a registered Nutritional Therapist (CNHC), Nutritionist (BANT) and certified NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) practitioner. She holds a Master of Sciences in Personalised Nutrition and has fulfilled the criteria for Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). In 2019, Rachel received certification in Biological Medicine at the Swiss Biological Medicine Academy.

Rachel believes food is medicine and she is passionate about helping others achieve their health goals though online courses and programs. Drawing on the wisdom of natural medicine principles and nutrition science, her mission is to provide others with a clear framework that will help them to live life optimally. You can subscribe to the 3 sources newsletter and weekly mind body nutrition focused articles at

Photo credits: Tarik Koivisto (lavender, villages, landscapes) and Rachel Baker images by Photographer, Joanna Maclennan. / Rachel is pictured wearing our Juliette Dress in striped linen and Jamie Beck x Luxe Provence Tablier Skirt in sesame.

Post and Interview By Tarik Koivisto, Founder & Creative Director, Luxe Provence and mother of two living the good life in Provence.

Artists of Provence, Made In Provence

Artisan Spotlight: Atelier Simone Indigo

August 13, 2020
vintage luxe provence indigo atelier Simone louise pascale

Each season, I shine the light on a talented artisan that we collaborate with here in Provence on our blog. We have been working with this indigo textile artist since 2016, beginning with our silk carré collection inspired by the Provence sky and calanques. Now we are very proud to feature her work again in the launch of our new Luxe Provence Vintage Collection as we strive to expand our sustainable practices in alignment with our slow fashion values.


Laetitia Costechareyre is the talented and passionate indigo expert behind, Atelier Simone. I met Laetitia in 2016 and quickly knew her talent, passion and genuine charm was a perfect recipe for a Luxe Provence design collaboration. I was thrilled to present her work first in one of our first fashion curations and now to continue collaborating with our new and exciting, Luxe Provence Vintage collection launching next week!

laetitia-costechareyreLaetitia started her career in the world of fashion for Hermès and Agnes B, before deciding to forge her own path. Laetitia immersed herself in the traditional art of indigo tinting, the Japanese art of shibori and natural hand-dying methods through an apprenticeship with Michel Garcia, in the Vaucluse region of Provence, where she also received her organic indigo dye start. She brings a curious,  beautiful creative spirit and experienced luxury eye to her work. Laetitia has featured numerous times in Côté Sud Magazine, and at Cote Sud Aix-en-Provence and her work can be found throughout the finest home interior shops in Aix-en-Provence, such as IV Home.


Laetitia is known for her hand-dying techniques turning vintage fabrics into stunning recycled blue masterpieces, giving them new life inside her beautiful indigo cuve (pictured above). She tints high-quality silks, linen and cotton, along with ancient French fabrics that she finds at antique markets and brocantes in the area. And I have asked her to hand-dye a collection of antique and vintage linen, chanvre and cotton pieces that I have sourced here in Provence, just for you.

indigo vegetale soie

Laetitia monitors, feeds and nourishes her indigo daily. Depending on the project, she adapts the color depth and hue ever so slightly, by heating and feeding her living breathing basin with organic ingredients, such as honey. She attains patterns and one-of-a-kind designs by delicately folding and line drying her creations in the Provence sun in her picturesque urban garden, just off the busy center ville of Aix.

hand-dyed-indigoHer 100% natural process involves washing the fabrics, new or vintage, with a biodegradable, natural detergent and then performing multiple dips by hand working with the tightly tied fabrics to achieve her desired effects. A dramatic disparity from how a large percentage of indigo dyed fabrics are produced today – several thousand tons each year actually.  The “industrial” method is highly synthetic and toxic and associated with the destruction of pollution of the land and rivers, particularly prevalent in the blue jean industry in China. Not here, Laetitia works solely with organic plant-based dyes and most recently began to incorporate new colors by using: cashew, garance and avocado so stay tuned for upcoming “earth” color palettes coming up next.


Laetitia is a kind and beautiful soul. Each of her artistic pieces, from beautiful crocheted centerpieces to curtains and pillowcases, reflect her spirit and passion. Laetitia and I dreamt up this special collection designed exclusively for Luxe Provence on 100% French silk inspired by the Provence ciel and calanques back in 2016, and cannot wait to share our new antique and vintage pieces launching on our site, Monday, August 17 2020! So stay tuned…

hand dyed silk indigo


Our Calanques French Silk Carré from 2016 (Photograph by: Thomas Kendall featuring model: Renata Negroni)



Louise Pascale in our Antique 19th Century Indigo Dress and Vintage Slip dresses.

Blog post and photographs by: Founder and Creative Director, Tarik Koivisto.

Learn more about: Atelier Simone

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Mas des Poiriers Collection by Luxe Provence

August 8, 2020

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new dress collaboration that is launching today, Saturday August 8th 2020 at noon EST, in limited edition that you will not want to miss!

… inspired by the casual elegance of everyday living in Provence

The Mas des Poiriers is a lovingly restored, 18th century farmhouse set amid pear trees and sunflower fields just outside of Avignon. We collaborated with the Varvel family behind this stunning property to create a dress collection inspired by their iconic home that is comfortable, yet elevated to take you from a barefoot day poolside, to an elegant al fresco dinner in heels.

mas des poiriers luxe provence jamie beck pierre frey dress

The Poiriers collection features gorgeous soft, linen that are true to the spirit of Luxe Provence, along with luxurious prints from the esteemed French fabric house, La Maison Pierre Frey. Founder and Creative Director, Tarik Koivisto, worked closely together with the Varvel’s to bring their beautiful vision to reality. A carefully chosen selection of Pierre Frey textiles are used in every room at Le Mas des Poiriers, which are now available in these beautiful Provence-inspired dresses.

mas des poiriers luxe provence linen dress Samantha Varvel


The soft, stonewashed European linen pieces come in either bleu ciel, inspired by the Mas des Poiriers’ beloved blue shutters, or white — perfect to keep things breezy on a hot day under the Provencal sun.

With each dress design,  you too may experience a piece of their incredible home in Provence. The Pierre Frey dresses were produced in extremely limited quantities with the intent to accept requests for those interested in having them made-to-order.

As always, each dress is produced ethically in our Provence ateliers with our slow fashion values. The linen is European and OEKO-TEX® certified for a more sustainable future.

This collection will be sold exclusively online at starting at 12pm EST / 6pm Paris Time on Saturday August 8th, 2020! Do not miss out, these are certain to sell quickly.

For all Poiriers dress order or shipping questions, please contact: For Luxe Provence brand and media inquiries, contact: Tarik Koivisto at

Image credits: Jamie Beck’s magical images and self-portraits of the dresses are shot at the Mas des Poiriers property in Provence. Mary Claire Photography of dresses in the lilacs. Front Mas shot by Oliver Fly.


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36 Hours in Porquerolles

March 1, 2020

I was late to discover this incredible gem of an island in Provence and have hesitated to post too much to preserve its secrets, but alas, this wild beauty will not stay guarded from anglophone visitors for too long. And with the recent addition of a world-class art museum, this tiny island hideaway off the coast of Hyères, is quickly becoming a Mediterranean hotspot.

The island of Porquerolles, is a total paradise complete with stunning beaches, bike trails and underwater shipwrecks that French and tourists in-the-know, flock to for an exotic weekend getaway. Accessible only by boat, yacht or ferry, the tiny island of Porquerolles is comprised of beautiful wild beaches, world-class modern art museum and a small quaint town center with a handful of hotels, bars and restaurants overlooking the harbor. The French government took over Porquerolles in the 1970s to protect it from overdevelopment and granted it national park status, which is why the island’s Mediterranean flora resembles the French Riviera of centuries past. Discover paths lined with oaks, olives, figs, junipers, wild lavender, rosemary, rock rose, myrtle and more.

What To Do

In addition to relaxing at the island’s stunning turquoise clear water beaches, the island also boasts a handful of vineyards and a fantastic modern art museum. The Villa Carmignac opened in 2018 with its first exhibition, filled with an impressive collection of artists, from: Basquiat, Botticelli, Picasso and Warhol and is located in the heart of this protected island. This year’s exhibition opened April 13, 2019 and is titled, The Source (images below courtesy of the Carmignac Fondation). 

“For the Villa Carmignac’s second year of existence, the Fondation Carmignac has invited Chiara Parisi as a guest curator. Both the architecture of the Villa and the island itself have provided inspiration for La Source (The Source), the resulting show. Emerging from the woods, visitors are invited to take off their shoes before plunging beneath the surface of the Provençal farmhouse, where they can discover over sixty artworks from the collection, as well as important loans and new productions.”Source, Fondation Cramming

Book your tickets online in advance and slip your shoes off for the Fondation Carmignac experience. There’s a lovely outdoor bistrot outside the museum for a cafe, glass of wine or healthy lunch under the pine trees. Then, reserve an hour-long wine tasting in advance to enjoy a selection of red, white and rosés made from Rolle, Mourvèdre, Grenache and Cinsault varieties at the Domaine La Courtade, an organic winery on the island open from 11am – 4pm during the summer months.

Getting Around The Island: Biking 

Several bike rental agencies are available on the island from the village port, most with pricing from 13 euros for a half-day for basic VTTs to electric bikes around 30 euros. Biking the island takes roughly 30 minutes from one side to the other, so is a great family activity with mostly shaded paths, when the temperatures are not too scorching.

Our Favorite Beaches
A lazy day swimming and hanging out by the water is a must. The crystal clear, turquoise waters are extraordinary. Plage Notre Dame is the largest of the island, and one of the most beautiful beaches of Europe with plenty of space for swimming in it’s wide sandy bay.  It’s definitely a must-visit, although the most popular spot in the high summer months. Plage d’Argent, is a beautiful smaller inlet, and ideal to discover by boat. Each beach offers clear turquoise waters and golden sand. Explore and bike the island to experience its many inlets, creeks and beaches that are ideal for swimming and lazy all-day picnics.

Where to Eat

After a full day in the water, start your evening with a sunset apéro and tapas at L’Escale (2, rue de la Ferme – 83400 – Porquerolles – France) complete with lovely port views.

For a great quality dinner (and recommended by the locals), reserve a table at Villa Sainte Anne (24, place d’Armes – 83400).  Located on the main plaza, discover a small but lovely selection of fresh fish and local cuisine served in an unpretentious setting overlooking the pétanque area. L’Etal du Boucher was also a great second spot for a family or more casual dinner right on the plaza, with a friendly staff and fresh asian-inspired Thai cuisine. Bonus for a a great boucherie and rare special attention to those with food allergies/intolerances.

When to Go

The island awakes from its winter hibernation a bit late, in mid-April to October each year. Throngs of locals and visitors arrive from Hyères by ferry every 15-30 minutes during the weekends. Our favorite time to visit is either June or even better September, when the waters remain warm and tourists have faded away. Swimming is best from July to September when the Mediterranean water warms.

How to Get There

Our ideal way to access Porquerolles is by yacht with mooring available by advance reservation in the port (space is very limited in the summer months), or in one of the beautiful bays. Alternatively, arrive by ferry, navette or water taxi which is a mere 20 minutes ride from Hyères for a daytrip. During the busy summer months, ferries arrive every 15 minutes into the tiny island. Ferry tickets are available to purchase in advance and recommended, especially in the summer months of July and August.

Author & Photographer: Tarik Koivisto, Founder, Luxe Provence.  Pictured wearing the Porquerolle-inspired, Camille Jumpsuit (left), perfect for biking and Mediterranean beach strolls made in lightweight, OEKO-Tex striped linen, and the Bianca Halter Dress (right) coming to our Mediterranean Gold Subscribers this September.

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Iris Growers of Provence

May 4, 2019

Iris is of prime importance in perfumery. Some describe the iris note as “the smell of cash” as it is expensive to produce. Or perhaps that’s said because the iris note has a papery facet?

In either case it is found in many many perfumes and Chanel particularly are known for their use of this high quality ingredient. It lends a velvety texture to a composition, for example in Chanel no 5. In Trets there is a producer called COPAMIVAR, they are one of the biggest iris growers in the world. They kindly allowed me to take photos and gave me a private tour of their factory (which smelled sublime I might add).

These beautiful purple flowers bloom for two to three weeks or so depending on the weather. It is not the blooms that are used in perfume however, it is the rhizomes. They must be grown for at least three years before harvesting. Once gathered the rhizomes are carefully washed and then spread out to dry for several days after which, further drying takes place for several years, so that the inimitable iris smell develops. When the rhizome is mature it’s ground to a fine powder then processed in a special steam distillery. The next stage is a product known as iris butter or orris butter. The iris butter is gently heated to liquefy it and then it’s separated out into various fractions. Experts re-assemble the fractions to make a high quality iris absolute. It takes 40,000 tons of rhizomes to make 1 kg of iris absolute.

artisans of provence iris growers

In terms of smell, I would describe iris as cool, elegant, earthy, rooty, powdery, papery… depending what is paired with it the effect will be different. Here is a little round up of what is one of my most very favourite notes in perfume. I am an unashamed iris worshipper.


  • Vampy iris – Tom Ford’s Violet Blonde, a really fun and lively violet iris. It always perks me up.
  • Glamourous iris – Frederic Malle’s Iris Poudre * this one is at the very top of my personal “to buy” list.
  • Cool headed iris – Prada’s Infusion d’Iris, please wear this for magical powers of concentration and cool calm collectedness.
  • Sexy man’s iris – Dior’s l’Homme it can also definitely be worn by a woman, one of the best masculines of all time in my opinion.
  • Romantic iris – Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger’s Rose Irisee, completely enchanting, it takes you on a gentle journey from iris to rose.
  • Dark and dangerous iris – Serge Lutens’ Iris Silver Mist – a complete iris overdose. Not easy to wear and has that carrot vibe going on.
  • Leathery light iris – Anne Gerard’s Cuir de Nacre, I could drown myself in this one.
  • Power iris – Hermes’ Hiris. Great quality and wearability. Not too powdery nor too rooty. Just right.
  • Bargain iris – Yardley’s Iris, which you can buy online easily; it’s great for hot days and for layering with other perfumes.
  • Luxurious and easy to wear iris – Aqua di Parma Iris Nobile, it has a gentle creamy quality to it. Totally Luxe.


My iris list goes on and on but there I will stop for today. Enjoy those pretty blooms and now you know: it’s the rhizomes that are precious.

– Rebecca


Guest blog post courtesy of Rebecca Amer a talented Perfume Consultant offering Fragrance Discovery Tours in Aix-en-Provence. Contact Rebecca for more info.

Irises in Provence photography by: Tarik Koivisto, Founder, Luxe Provence featured in our Athena Dress in Blush, Shop this limited edition linen dress here.

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36 Hours in Arles… Art Capital of Provence

May 1, 2019
travel guide to arles by luxe provence

Arles is truly experiencing a renaissance. The first, visual clue is the rising height of famed architect, Frank Gehry’s latest metal-clad museum masterpiece, that is in the works at the site of LUMA Arles.

Luma Arles is a grand project driven by art patron and cultural maven, Maja Hoffman, the mastermind re-shaping the city’s landscape, culture and art scene of this ancient roman city of Provence. I felt the exciting energy everywhere, from the construction sites throughout the city, to the local artisan ateliers and chic boutiques where everyone I met with is talking about the renaissance of Arles… finally arriving.

Maja Hoffman (pictured above left) is an avid Swiss art collector, art patron, filmmaker and visionary entrepreneur passionate about Arles, who brings with her a rich family heritage for preserving and collecting the world’s finest artists. Her grandmother, for example, Maja Stehlin (1896–1989), collected Pablo Picasso, Jean Arp, Fernand Léger, Jean Tinguely and Georges Braque. The city of  Vincent Van Gogh is officially blossoming into the art capital of Provence grâce à elle.

As part of this major initiative to transform Arles into an art city, Hoffmann founded LUMA Arles in 2014, breaking ground on the cultural complex designed by Frank Gehry for the production of: art exhibitions, research, education and archives, scheduled for completion later this year. Architect Annabelle Selldorf is currently renovating five 19th century industrial train stations, two of which are currently open for visitors, into working atelier spaces. The Luma Ateliers are focused on making and showing art, which includes the Le Réflectoire des Ateliers, a lovely cantine and bookstore space at the entry within the foundation.

The Atelier Luma is a think tank, a production workshop and a learning network of the Luma Foundation. Atelier Luma wants to co-develop new ways of producing and caring for a city and a bioregion, using design as a tool for transition. Since its foundation in 2016, Atelier Luma conducts projects connected to six strategic themes: Waste Matters, Producing (in) the City, Healthy Mobility, Next Hospitality, Food Circle, Circular Education.

The exhibition I visited upon opening, breaks from its buildings’ past to a sustainable future, by selectively showcasing its designers-in-residence creations featuring innovative use of natural materials within the presented themes. From converting algae into a viable 3-D printed form for beautiful household objects, to transforming seashells to sturdy beautiful countertops; I found the atelier experience to be a welcome modern “makerlab” space with something for the whole family to enjoy. These converted industrial spaces were also designed to house photography as part of the city’s annual international photography festival, Rencontres d’Arles (which takes over the city each summer).  In addition, Hoffman recently purchased Martin Parr’s 12,000-strong photobook collection, in partnership with Tate London, plus the archives of celebrated photographer, Annie Leibovitz (one of my all-time favorite American photographers) which will be available to view in Arles. 

Ms. Hoffmann is also behind many cultural projects in the area, including the Michelin-starred organic restaurant, La Chassagnette (more info below). This organic, farm-to-table restaurant concept is in the Camargue, just outside of Arles, and has quickly become a must-visit gastronomic destination. She is also behind the recently completed renovations and expansion of  L’Arlatan, a former hôtel particulier located in the center’s oldest neighborhood, which is an exciting new luxury hotel and restaurant experience.

arlatan luxury 5 star hotel arles maja hoffman

A stay at the hotel, cocktail or meal at the restaurant is a visual feast for those design-lovers. I had a fantastic lunch with an extremely attentive staff, who was very accommodating to my complicated gluten-free, dairy-free diet which was quite a treat. The restaurant proposes a seasonal menu of simple dishes, and offers you a chance to discover a selection of Provencal and Mediterranean flavours.

So, if Arles didn’t already impress you with its Vincent Van Gogh history, impressive list of museums, Roman Amphitheatre and Saint-Trophime, Camargue personality or classic 18th century architecture… perhaps it’s time to give it a second look. To help you discover the new Art Capital of Provence, we have prepared a guide over the last few months featuring our own insider’s travel tips to the city of Arles.


36 Hours in Arles – Luxe Provence Insider’s Travel Guide

Friday: Visit the new Atelier Arles at Luma and check out the Frank Gehry designed museum underway, followed by a fabulous dinner and wine pairings at the hip restaurant, Chardon. Be sure to reserve in advance and communicate any food allergies, or restrictions via their website.

chardon arles restaurant guide to arles

Chardon is a hip spot featuring an exciting concept of pop-in, chefs-in-residence from around the globe who create innovative menus featuring Arles’ organic, local ingredients. Our travel team dined here in April and were very pleased with each dish that brought together unique and innovative flavor combinations. Choose from either the a la carte options (from 2 to 20 euros), or the discovery ‘Feed Me’ Menu (at 39 euros) designed to be shared.

Saturday: Start your day at Arles’ Saturday market.  It is one of Provence’s finest and known for its organically grown Camargue rice and vegetables, local cheeses, taureau saucisson, olives and anchoaïade. Pick up some colorful ‘les indiennes’, the traditional Provence fabric for your table, and walk the pretty shaded stall-lined city streets for a variety of color and endless photo options. Lunch at the charming Le Galoubet (16 to 35 euros plates; 18 Rue du Dr Fanton) with its gorgeous, vine-covered terrace for fresh, Mediterranean dishes to experience the local produce sourced from the market. It’s located just down the street from the Foundation Van Gogh, if you fancy to add in a visit.

After lunch, try a bit of local artisanal shopping, or simple cafe life in Arles’ historic, old town (see our recommendations below), then reserve your dinner with Jean Luc Rabanel, the 2-star Michelin chef who runs two restaurant experiences here.  Choose between the more formal restaurant, L’Atelier (55 to 145 euro menus of 7, 9 or 12 courses) for a surprise sensorial experience you won’t forget, or sample his Le Bistro À Coté located nearby for your first foray (32 euro retour de la marché menu).

Or for a more chic, night out, pop in for a cocktail or dine at the new Arlatan Restaurant for fresh Mediterranean and Provencal cuisine in a visually stunning setting. I was delighted by their gluten-free guidance, flavorful dishes and friendly staff.

Sunday: Visit to the Camargue’s charming citadel Aigues Mortes (pictured above, Camargue guide coming next!) in the morning for a glipse at the pink hued salines and charming village. Then stop off at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer for a long, Michelin-star organic lunch at the charming, Chassagnette.

arles restaurant guide michelin star restaurants chassagnette

Alternatively, if you prefer staying in town, be sure to try Le Gibolin (13 rue des porcelets) a lovely locals’ favorite for delicious, fresh and simple, organic dishes and an excellent cave à vin (28 to 50 euros). Find traditional local dishes from pieds et paquets à la Provençale, and calf’s liver with persillade paired with market fresh vegetables.


Where to Stay

tarik koivisto luxe provence founder hotel particulier arles

Hôtel Particulier: This stunning néo-classique manor and les ecuries (a stunning converted stable) is one of the last remaining architecture gems of Baron de Chartrouse. The Hôtel Particulier Arles has been converted into a 5-star luxury hotel perfectly located in the center of Arles on a quiet street. The architecture of the property and suites are very beautifully designed, tastefully mixing its classic eighteenth century bones and high ceilings with a soft, modern touch. Unfortunately, we had a difficult time actually confirming our reservation with the staff and were a bit disappointed by the spa services and general amenities that are normally associated with a 5-star property, but the private retreat aspect and décor are divine.

hotel particulier 5 star luxury hotel provenceThe garden, terrace and heated pool are delightful offering a picturesque place to cool off and relax. Or, simply enjoy the charming setting for a private breakfast or lunch during your stay.

Suites from 245 – 425 euros; 4 rue de la monnaie, 13200 Arles. Tel. +33 4 90 52 51 40 

Hôtel du Cloître: This is a charming, small boutique hotel with modern touches just near the arena and antique theater featuring its own market-fresh restaurant, L’Ouvre Boite, set in a lovely side street courtyard in the warm summer months. A great value option and dining during warm summer nights under the twinkling lights of the bistro is perfectly charming.

8 Rue du Cloître, 13200 Arles, Tel: 04 88 09 10 00

arlatan luxury 5 star hotel arles maja hoffman

L’hôtel d’Arlatan: A must-stay selection for the design-lover, this exciting new hotel has been meticulously renovated from a former, Hotel Particulier and is located in the centre ville. The overall design is stunning, a visual feast for the senses, combining classical architectural elements from the existing building with bold, colourful arlésienne style delivered in a completely, modern chic way. This hotel has been created within several adjoining buildings and the restaurant is a lovely place for a cocktail, or modern Mediterranean-style meal.

Where to Shop – Artisanal & Boutiques

While you’re in the city, here are a few of our personal favorite boutiques, artisans, ateliers and local concept shops to visit.

Stop into Atelier Sophie Lassagne  (12 Rue de la Liberté) to purchase one of her beautiful matte ceramic vases (picture above left), or sign-up for one of her hands-on classes or workshops to experience the artists life in Arles, if even for a few hours.

For textile lovers, visit the workshop and atelier of Marie Hélène Desort, Le Métier d’Art (6,rue Docteur Fanton), to discover her handwoven wool creations. Marie-Hélène weaves her pieces on a large antique loom and creates her own original, colorful range of clothing and accessories made from natural materials. All creations are unique pieces. Also, I discovered some beautiful wool scarves from another textile artist, Cécile Tabet, also present in the boutique, who fashions felt for her creations from the Cévennes into beautiful, dyed organic colors and forms.

delhi ka by sabine

Or stop by the showroom and artist’s collective,  Delhi Ka (52 bis rue du 4 septembre) for hand-block printed indiennes made in the traditional Provence spirit by a women’s collective in India using only plant-based dyes from Sabine Laugier. These beautiful, sustainably printed indienne textiles are available by the meter, or as beautiful cotton plaids, tablecloths and women’s tunics. Her tablecloths and bed linens make a great souvenir and beautiful gift item sure to inject a touch of that Provence spirit into your home.

Be sure to visit Fabienne Brando at the Arlesienne Perfumer (26 rue de la liberté), who has exquisite taste and creates her own niche line of perfumes. The fragrances are unique and fantastically Arles, presented in gorgeous artistic packaging. Bring home her latest home fragrance release, A Cloud of Flamingos as a wonderful olfactive souvenir of your trip.

Stop in to Dou Bochi (16 rue Réattu) for a mix of global and locally created artisanal objects chosen by founders, Eric Bergère et Antoine Rambourg. The boutique carries Eric’s private label clothing line produced in high quality natural, fabrics and has worked for such luxury fashion houses as, Lanvin and Inès de la Fressange.

Moustique Arles (2 rue Jouvène) is a lovely concept store where we found this fun, Arles tray (pictured above left) and offers an excellent selection of housewares, artisanal pieces, jewelry and gift items.

We hope you enjoyed our well-researched selections and you may just need more than 36-hours to visit. Let us know what your favorite places are below!


On-location photography and article by: Tarik Koivisto, Founder & Creative Director, Luxe Provence. Shop the Looks featured in Arles, both the Bianca striped linen dress and Eva Linen Wrap top in our boutique, ethically created in Provence:


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