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Luxe Provence Candles – Fragrance from Grasse

January 21, 2021
luxe provence candle grasse fig Stephanie Bakouche

They’re back! Discover our limited-edition, candles… Made in Provence. We’ve teamed up with the region’s finest female Artisans of Provence including: a master perfumer in Grasse and a local award-winning ceramicist, to create these gorgeous Luxe Provence Candles inspired by our favorite Mediterranean fragrance… fig.

luxe provence candle fig figuerolles calanque

This edition’s limited series release is our new, hand-poured Figuerolles candle created in an organic, ceramic vessel by Artisan of Provence, Georgie Blin, featuring the most intoxicating Mediterranean green fig fragrance from Grasse, designed to transport you to a seaside summer day in the calanques, any time of the year. The design of the vessel mimics the soft waves of the Mediterranean and features a fig green enamel inside. Each double-sized 500 gram candle is hand-poured using natural, soy wax with two elegant cotton wicks for even burning.

luxe provence candle fig figuerolles grasse fragrance

“The fragrance story is inspired by my first summer in Provence at the Mediterranean exploring the clear turquoise waters and fig-dotted calanques with my two young boys. We still often sit under the shade of the most amazing fig tree for lazy rosé-influenced lunches at Mugel.  And a  magical fig tree serves as the fragrant entrance to the wild, mystical calanque of Figuerolles, where I derived the name, as it refers to the fig grove that was once dominant in this calanque. Each time we would pass beneath these two beautiful trees the fragrance during the summer months was just intoxicating… a swirl of green figs and fig leaves, with the ion-infused sea waters. When I smell this fragrance, I can close my eyes and be transported to my happy place here every time.”  – Tarik Koivisto, Founder Luxe Provence

This luxury fragrance story is created together with reputable Grasse perfumer, Stéphanie Bakouche, featuring notes of: green fig, fig leaf, milky sap, sandalwood and soft peach skin.  Each candle is delivered to your doorstep, in our beautiful gold-foil gift box.

A piece unique ceramic vessel is handcrafted and reusable created locally by award-winning ceramicist, Georgie Blin in Provence.

  • Premium fragrance from Grasse by parfumer, Stéphanie Bakouche 
  • 500 grams soy wax candle with two cotton wicks; burn time approximately 45-50 hours
  • Olfactory notes: green fig, fig leaves, milky sap, cedar and sandalwood with a touch of peach skin
  • Unique piece created in white clay with fig green interior (10x10x11 cm)
  • Artisan of Provence: Georgie Blin
  • Delivered in our Luxe Provence Gold Logo Foil Box: 12x12x14cm
  • A limited edition series, while supplies last

luxe provence candle grasse fig



Each Luxe Provence candle features a handcrafted ceramic vessel in terre blanche by Artisan of Provence, Georgie Blin in her atelier. Georgie’s passion for ceramics began at the age of 8. Fascinated by sculpture, she studied visual arts at the University of Lille, then discovered the rich world of culinary pottery in Italy.  She apprenticed under Jean Paul Aiello, who taught her how to overcome her limitations by his art. A student of Gilles Durand for three years and a graduate of the Aubagne ceramics school, Georgie received a gold medal as a “Meilleurs Apprentis de France”.

perfumer from grasse


Stéphanie Bakouche is an active member of Versaille’s Osmothèque and Accords & Parfums, and is the talented young nose behind luxury niche fragrances: Rose Privée by L’Artisan Parfumeur; Jul et Mad’s Fugit Amor and Mon Seul Desir; and Cloon Keen Atelier’s Bataille de Fleurs.

Bakouche spent seven years in fragrance development for brand, l’Artisan Parfumer, and as a student and colleague of nose, Bertrand Duchaufour.  She is also an independent member of Accords & Parfums, the acclaimed perfume center located on the historic Domaine Sainte Blanche, with direct access to the highest quality fragrance ingredients and latest technology innovations in the world of perfumery. We are thrilled to collaborate together on our first Luxe Provence fragrance.

The prestigious Accords & Parfums was founded by Olivier Maure, well-known for passionately protecting Grasse’s perfume heritage for decades, alongside Edmond Roudnitska, the French Master Perfumer and founder of Art & Parfum. Roudnitska is the nose behind many of today’s bestselling fragrances of all-time, such as: Dior’s Eau Sauvage, Diorissimo, and Rochas’s Femme, which were created on the same historic property as our fragrance.

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