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Provence Artisan Spotlight: Atelier Simone Indigo

October 4, 2016

Each season, I will be shining the light on a talented artisan of Provence here on the blog. As we move into our second year with our Luxe Provence Box curations, my goal is to create exclusive collaborations with these talented artisans, designers and niche luxury brands of the region. We are proud to present, this Autumn’s featured artisan, Atelier Simone.


Laetitia Costechareyre is the talented and passionate indigo expert behind, Atelier Simone. I met Laetitia earlier this year and quickly knew her talent, passion and genuine warmth was a perfect recipe for a Luxe Provence design collaboration. I am thrilled to present her work in this season’s V5: Escape to the Calanques Luxe Provence Box curation, inspired by …and ultimately created by nature.

laetitia-costechareyreLaetitia started her career in the world of fashion for Hermès and Agnes B, before deciding to forge her own path. Laetitia immersed herself in the traditional art of indigo tinting and hand-dying methods through an apprenticeship with Michel Garcia, in the Vaucluse region of Provence, where she also received her organic dye. She brings a curious,  beautiful creative spirit and experienced luxury eye to her work. Laetitia has recently been featured in Côté Sud Magazine and her work can be found throughout the finest home interior shops in Aix (as mentioned here) and now on our boutique.


Laetitia is known for her hand-dying techniques turning vintage fabrics into stunning recycled blue masterpieces, giving them new life via her beautiful indigo cuve (pictured above). She tints high-quality silks, linen and cotton, along with ancient French fabrics that she finds at antique markets and brocantes in the area.

indigo vegetale soie

Laetitia monitors, feeds and nourishes her indigo daily. Depending on the project, she adapts the color depth and hue ever so slightly, by heating and feeding her living breathing basin with organic ingredients, such as honey. She attains patterns and one-of-a-kind designs by delicately folding and line drying her creations in the Provence sun in her picturesque urban garden, just off the busy center ville of Aix.

hand-dyed-indigoHer 100% natural process involves washing the fabrics, new or vintage, with a biodegradable, natural detergent and then performing multiple dips by hand working with the tightly tied fabrics to achieve her desired effects. A dramatic disparity from how a large percentage of indigo dyed fabrics are produced today – several thousand tons each year actually.  The “industrial” method is highly synthetic and toxic and associated with the destruction of pollution of the land and rivers, particularly prevalent in the blue jean industry in China. Not here, Laetitia works solely with organic plant-based dyes and most recently began to incorporate new colors via cashew in order to complete our “earth” color palette for this season’s collaboration.


Laetitia is a kind and beautiful soul. Each of her artistic pieces, from beautiful crocheted centerpieces to curtains and pillowcases, reflect her spirit and passion. Laetitia and I dreamt up this special collection designed exclusively for Luxe Provence on 100% French silk that is shipping now inside our V5: Luxe Provence Box and coming soon to our boutique.

hand dyed silk indigo

Inspired by the calanques, Atelier Simone has created an exclusive collection featuring “les nuages” and “ciel” patterns, along with a “sea” and “terre” series, reflective of the beauty of Provence translated to silk.

I am thrilled with the results of our collaboration together.  It was such a pleasure to discover the beauty of Atelier Simone’s work and to share the founder’s passion and dedication in creating handmade, luxury-quality artisanal pieces. Be sure to discover the creations for yourself via our boutique.


Our Calanques French Silk Carré, by popular demand, is coming to the boutique soon (sorry, our V5: Luxe Provence Box is now sold-out). Be sure to reserve your limited-edition before they’re gone. (Photograph by: Thomas Kendall featuring model: Renata Negroni)

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Learn more about: Atelier Simone


Blog post and photographs by:
Founder and Creative Director, Tarik Koivisto


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