Reflexology Perfume Workshop April 25

April 17, 2015

We are pleased to share a bit about this local event that couldn’t be better timed for spring! How about immersing yourself in the world of perfume and reflexology with this upcoming workshop set at a gorgeous, classical Provencal mas? Count us in!

Sabine Gardener, owner of Pontet Bagatelle is hosting a new workshop at her beautiful property in Lambesc, just 30 minutes from Aix-en-Provence. The workshop will be lead by Reflexologist Arnaud de Gaillande of Actions & Synergies and Rebecca Amer of Irridessence, our Luxe Provence perfume Consultant.

Rebecca has spent years studying and smelling perfume. She has taken courses at the Osmotheque in Paris and Galimard in Grasse, and offers personalized perfume tours in Aix-en-Provence for very small groups. Passionate about fragrance and especially interested in niche brands, Rebecca will help you to develop your nose and connect your perfume with your emotions. To her, perfume is all about emotions and it is as essential to life as love.

The Reflexology & Perfume Workshop: Saturday April 25

We will spend four hours together from 2.30 pm until 6.30 pm with a short break for tea and scones at 4. In groups we will have consultations that are completely personal to you; establishing your olfactory footprint or heritage. Then we will learn a little perfume history, explore the different fragrance families and we will test a lot of different scents. Each person will leave with a sample or two of something beautiful and precious. You must come to the workshop “naked” by which we mean, please do not wear perfume that day nor use any scented body products. Prepare to fall down a rabbit hole leading to great pleasure!

The reflexology part of the workshop will be led by Arnaud de Gaillande of Actions & Synergies. Arnaud has spent more than 15 years in dynamic roles guiding and supervising men and women in the field of biology. His taste for human contact, his sensitivity, his interest in the world of wellness, natural and complementary medicine led him to discover Reflexology and to embark on an exciting and rewarding adventure. With 7200 nerve endings, our feet are a miniaturized representation of the human body. Each reflex zone is an organ, gland or a specific part of our body. By finger pressure applied on these reflex zones, reflexology can locate tensions and to restore balance in the corresponding parts of the body.  Arnaud will present you with Reflexology illustrated plates and offer you relaxation mini sessions.

Arnaud will take time to listen to you, answer your questions and give you customized treatment protocols in relation to your possible problem.

Workshop Booking Details:

Date: Saturday, April 25th from 2:30 – 6:30pm

Place: Pontet Bagatelle, Lambesc

Workshop cost: A mere 28 euros per person including tea! A fabulous deal.

To book please send a private message via facebook call Rebecca on 06 72 68 00 51 or by email ozone.ka@gmail.com.

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