Our Little Black Book


What is the Luxe Provence® Little Black Book?

The Luxe Provence Little Black Book is a members-only suite of digital brand and marketing services designed for entrepreneurs in Provence that is unique in the marketplace offering both premium listings and start-up “incubator brand” platform for new quality products and services.


Only quality, independent, hand-selected members will be included in our Little Black Book. We seek to partner with those who offer quality products from Provence, or services in the region tailored to meeting the needs of a luxe-minded market, from gastronomy, to beauty, lifestyle and handcrafted products. We offer a quick to market, online branded luxury designed web page on the luxe-provence.com site, along with commerce partnerships and promotional opportunities, plus sponsored advertising.


Luxe Provence Founder, Tarik Koivisto, wanted to tap into, gather and build a new, vibrant community around and with the smart, innovative business minded-people she has met in the past three years in Provence, since moving from the San Francisco Bay Area. “I find it very exciting to partner with and help launch new brands, but the start-up climate is difficult in France. I launched Luxe Provence to serve as a launchpad and expert brand partner among professionals, while bringing a more dynamic, communal business environment around the theme of quality to Provence. I have met so many talented people who have moved from larger metropolitan areas that have great talents who are seeking to apply their skills, experience and passion to new endeavors here in Provence. Since I have worked with and helped brand several start-ups over the past 12 years with my firm BIGFLY Design, I sought out a new platform to both elevate other small businesses and create an opportunity for entrepreneurial innovation and collaboration that is largely lacking in the area.”

Black Book Offer Includes:

An elegantly designed page to promote, describe and launch your new luxury category product or quality service offered in Provence. Luxe Provence seeks to partner and promote only the finest, luxury Provence brands that share our vision and quality standards, therefore, each member request must be reviewed for inclusion. The package includes a sophisticated page design (see here) with short description of the product or services offered. The offer must be a match to our subscribers, luxe, high-quality and great service. The page description will include direct links to your web site or Facebook page, email, and contact information.

Contact us for a review, pricing, inclusion terms and more information.

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