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Welcome to Our Mediterranean Gold Subscription

Your Mediterranean Gold subscription is an opportunity to voyage together throughout the Mediterranean’s rich artisanal and luxury regions. Your gift subscription purchase includes personalized luxury curations featuring limited edition artisanal and luxury design plus, priority DHL International parcel delivery, VIP shopping access to featured Artisans and upcoming brands, along with a *bonus destination gift in your final box (* for Annual Subscribers only). Plus of course, you receive a significant savings on the single retail parcel price.

We will do our best to personalize each parcel and our featured Luxe Provence Lifestyle pieces to create a very special “sur mesure” surprise experience for you. To help us tailor each season’s parcels, please provide a response to the questions below. For any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message at: anytime.

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    Parfait. Merci beaucoup...our curators and stylists will be in touch each season with any additional questions on style preferences and/or sizing as needed. We cannot wait to share the Mediterranean Gold experience with you!