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Provence’s Passionate Pianist Jonathan Soucasse

January 22, 2015

Laura and I hit the streets scouting for local musical talent (such a good excuse) at the Hotel Gallifet, Maison d’Art et d’Histoire, in Aix-en-Provence last week and we certainly were not disappointed. Modern Jazz Pianist Jonathan Soucasse, offered us an intimate, passionate performance that was raw, awe-inspiring and fun. He blurs the lines between jazz, classic, contemporary and improvisation with amazing energy and talent. Jonathan achieved his diploma at the Conservatoire in Aix and plays for both private and larger venues.

His flamboyant energy, stage presence and talent to improvise is equally matched, to his raw musical abilities, what a pianist. From Chopin to Spears (Britney that is), we were simply delighted and excited…and refreshed. Beautifully, inspiring, playful.

This was a solo performance, but Jonathan is also 50 percent of the Duo Heiting, featuring an amazing sounding opera singer and we imagine that to be quite a spectacular performance to catch …for the next time.


Jonathan Soucasse, Pianist, Composer
Check out his duo’s upcoming performances here



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