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Meet Marianne… Jamie Beck for Luxe Provence

June 1, 2018

Meet Marianne… the first-piece in our long awaited collaboration with Jamie Beck for Luxe Provence Lifestyle.

What’s in a name?…

Jamie named the dress “Marianne” after the French national icon who is a champion of freedom and democracy against all forms of oppression, a freedom she discovered for myself as a woman and a creator in Provence. You see her profile in all forms in France from official government documents to artistic masterpieces like Eugène Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People, and many of the statues around Provence and all of France, for that matter. She could think of nothing more fitting for this moment than to name the dress after the goddess of liberty leading the way through…

We hope that you enjoy this first piece of our collaboration, proudly designed and made in Provence.



UPDATE – THIS LINEN PROVENCE DRESS WAS SOLD OUT IMMEDIATELY, upon its launch on June 1st!  We will be releasing a second round of limited quantity pre-orders on Monday, June 18th here for shipping scheduled for August 28, 2019.

Please stay tuned for more on our upcoming collaboration pieces and new releases by popular demand… 

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Video by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg of Ann Street Studio.

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Baumanière, Iconic Gastronomy Retreat

May 18, 2018

It at all started in 1945, when Raymond Thuilier purchased an abandoned and relatively, isolated provençal mas tucked into the protected hillside called the Baumanière. At the time, this area of Provence was considered “Le Val d’Enfer” or the valley of hell, due to the rugged shape of the surrounding limestone rocks and difficult to access location.

Raymond was taken with the majestic property setting at the foot of the fortified hilltop village of Les Baux de Provence (read more about the region in our wine travel guide here) years prior, and set out with the mission to carve out a gastronomic inn and haven of peace in this dramatic setting.

As it turns out, it was a visionary idea. The L’Oustau de Baumanière became the first Relais & Chateaux property achieving a coveted 5-star status with its luxury hotel and 3-star Michelin cuisine. Raymond’s grandson, Jean-André Charial, a young 24-year old rising Michelin starred chef in his own right, decided to join in the family business. The two worked together hand-in-hand to perfect their legendary gastronomic cuisine for over 15 years. Today, Jean-André and his wife Geneviève, continue the family tradition of running the property and are constantly refining the gastronomy of their two restaurants, the hotel design, activities and spa experience bringing over 75 years of heritage and passion for the site. The original mas has since expanded to include five traditional Provence-style buildings with 54 bedrooms, and prestige luxury suites.

You can still feel a sense of history and air of secret refuge as your gently pull into the valley and first discover the property’s magnificent surroundings. This mythical place is where many French and international royalty have retreated to and celebrated their milestone events for over 70 years.

Its first rooms were inaugurated by Georges Pompidou in 1945 at a moment when France was ready to embrace and celebrate a new era after years of upheaval and trauma from World War II. This hideaway resort quickly became a preferred stop for famous writers, royals such as Queen Elizabeth, gifted painters as Picasso, and international politicians and celebrities of every kind. Jean Cocteau spent three months here in 1958; while more recently, your could bump into the likes of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

I was delighted to discover that the property also boasts France’s second largest wine cellar, or cave. The selection of French fine wines is extremely impressive, including priceless bottles dating back to 1883 from Chateau Lafite Rothschild. Sommelier, Gilles Ozzello, gave us a private cellar tour of their fine wine collection started in 1945 featuring over 60,000 bottles, which are stored in perfect temperature by the surrounding natural stone hillside in two locations.  Their selection is therefore, quite incredible and the Baumanière offers its own wine-tasting courses, or Cours d’Oenologie by reservation.

It’s worth noting, that not only is Jean-André (pictured above) a highly accomplished chef who currently presides over not one, but two, Michelin starred restaurants (L’Oustau de Baumanière and Baumanière 1850 at the Hotel le Strato Courchevel during the winter months), but was also the original winemaker at Chateau Romanin. He was an early pioneer adopting biodynamic farming methods in winemaking back in 1987.

After the death of Chateau Romanin partner, Jean-Pierre Peyraud, in 2001, Jean André suffered a disappointing loss with the change of ownership of the domaine. He went on to create his very own wine with another Les Baux de Provence AOP, Domaine de Lauzieres. He emotionally and aptly, called it l’Affectif, a truly delicious local wine available in rosé or red on-site, in which he employed the same sustainable growing methods he pioneered early on. This story of its name was inspired by conversations with his close friend and frequent hotel visitor, Georges Wolinski (the French cartoonist and Charlie Hebdo comics writer tragically killed on 7 January 2015) in which he referred to Jean-Pierre Raffarin as a “carburait a l’affectif”. Eleven years later, the ex-Prime Minister entitled his latest memoir “Je marcherai toujours a l’affectif…” and mentioned in the preface that he found that title on the terrace of the Baumanière.

The hotel, restaurants and rooms have recently gone through numerous design upgrades, led by Geneviève (pictured below) and her interior designer daughter in-law, integrating a mix of modern amenities and high design lighting fixtures with local artisanal pieces, historic touches, and carefully selected art. I particularly appreciate the integration of local and artisanal products in their restaurant’s own ceramics and beautifully curated boutique.

Geneviève’s role is to be the guardian of the spirit and Baumanière heritage of the hotel and property. For instance, I was delighted to discover a cookbook dedicated to Jean-André from Oliver Baussan, passionate Provence resident and founder of L’Occitane, in my suite, which was a lovely touch.

Their spacious suites have been beautifully renovated and feature thoughtful private terraces overlooking the property’s beautifully manicured gardens and swimming basins.

luxe provence hotel les baux

During my stay, I awoke gently to the birds chirping and magnificent, dramatic views of the beautifully landscaped gardens and village of Les Baux…truly heaven, an authentic, secret luxury Provence. It is a pleasure to wander and get lost on the property. There’s also direct access to several trails leading including up directly to the breathtaking village of Les Baux de Provence. And there are many intentional quaint corners, tables and poolside areas to relax in throughout the property to enjoy the dramatic setting… you may not want to leave.

hotel luxe provence cabro d'or restaurant

Being a bit of a foodie, I was thrilled to experience a fantastic culinary class taught by Cabro d’Or Chef, Michel Hulin.  Each spring and summer, Jean-André and Michel Hulin, offer private cooking classes in small groups up to 12 people (from 145 euros per person with lunch included) in each of the restaurants. The Cabro d’Or, Michel’s restaurant, draws its inspiration from the property’s organic vegetable garden, market fresh fish and lighter dishes, which I adored.

Michel’s passion and precision for perfecting each vegetable and ingredient in our spring lunch was truly impressive to witness. His fish dishes were truly divine and combines special techniques to maintain the integrity and flavor to his vegetables, which can sometimes be lost in traditional, heavier French cuisine.

The Cabro d’Or offers a new La Table d’hote relaxed summer lunch experience, featuring a market fresh menu that changes each week (from 33 euros per person) enjoyed in the gardens and fountain of the restaurant.  It’s a great way to get a taste of the property and cuisine on a sunny afternoon, if you’re visiting for the day. You may even get a peek at their adorable baby goats.

Along with a spring cooking course, the hotel has recently launched a new spa retreat concept with zen thursday and weekend events, which include guided meditation and rejuvenating 3-hour spa packages, complete with an on-site meditation expert and relaxing massage options.

What I find rare, is to experience this sense that you are staying as part of their extended family, rather than at a hotel. They truly care about each painstaking detail of your stay and noticed there’s a special, quaintness and family ambiance within the staff as well. If you’re looking for an authentic, gastronomic luxury retreat in Provence… look no further.

To discover more about the region, check out our 36 Hours of Wine Tasting in Les Alpilles or our Les Alpilles Travel Guide including travel tips for Les Baux de Provence and Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.


Article and Photography by: Tarik Koivisto, Founder, Luxe Provence

Learn More:
Hôtel 5* Relais & Châteaux – restaurant 2 étoiles Michelin – Spa
Address: D27, Mas de Baumanière, 13520 Les Baux-de-Provence
Phone: 04 90 54 33 07


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Jamie Beck for Luxe Provence Collaboration

May 10, 2018

The ultimate Luxe Provence dream collaboration is underway… and I think you’re going to be blown away to discover who we’ve teamed up with next.

artisan of provence jamie beck luxe provence

We are thrilled to announce Artisan of Provence, Jamie Beck is joining us for two exciting seasons of Luxe Provence design. Jamie is the uber talented artist and photographer behind Ann Street Studio, who since moving to Provence nearly two years ago, has been creating portrait masterpieces from her stunning, 18th century apartment in Apt.

jamie beck collaboration luxe provence

Jamie Beck is collaborating with us to create and design her Provence dream linen dress as a part of our Luxe Provence SS18 Lifestyle Collection.  And that’s not all, she’ll also be designing a three piece capsule collection for Luxe Provence AW18! I first discovered Jamie’s stunning and gorgeous work via her #Provenceselfportraitseries on Instagram where she brings confidence, skill, and beauty to convey her artistic and cultural perspective as an American in Provence with raw, and beautiful emotion. Through her self-portrait work, she often explores current societal, media and fashion industry’s impact on body image, noting differences between American and French cultures. I’d say since moving to Provence, Jamie has truly grown comfortable in her own skin. It was so refreshing to discover her work and a feed filled with such poetic beauty. Jamie is a true artist in every sense.

I approached Jamie for this collaboration, because I believe she embodies the authentic, effortless chic, Provence style we strive for in our LP Lifestyle Collection, while also bringing her own unique romantic sensibility to the line. And it’s not just her style I admire, but her work, values, beliefs and the way she chooses to live life. I am thrilled to integrate Jamie’s Provence and her ethereal style and boundless creative energy into this magical collaboration between two passionate Americans in Provence.

We officially kicked off the collaboration via Instagram together last week (learn more below) and the Jamie Beck for Luxe Provence linen dress will go on pre-sale early May available in limited edition. Be sure to follow along behind-the-scenes of the design progress from our Provence atelier via Instagram each week as we bring Jamie’s dream dress to reality! #madeinprovence #jamiebeckforluxeprovence #ss18

In the meantime, read on below to learn more about Jamie and her life in Provence and inspiration behind our exciting design collaboration in the works…


(TK) When did you start working as a photographer?

(JB)  I started my lifelong passion for photography at the age of 13 when my mother gave me her old film camera to play with. All the sudden, I had a place to create my dreams and for my imagination to roam. It is all I have done since.

jamie beck in provence luxeprovence dress collaboration

(TK) Why did you choose a move to Provence?

(JB) I was spiritually drawn to Provence since my first visit years ago. The light, the colors of the landscape, the way of life all spoke to my soul. There is an ease and a fluidity between nature, art, ideas, seasons, and food that I find comfort and inspiration in.

luxe provence jamie beck artisan of provence collaboration linen dress

(TK) What was your inspiration or idea behind your recent Provence still life and self portrait series?

(JB) After years of working in the commercial space with our creative agency in New York, Ann Street Studio, I wanted to step away from products and focus on natural beauty. I go to the market in my village and buy my produce almost daily based on what is in season from the local farmers. The beauty of the food and it’s relationship to the seasons is what first inspired me to start working with still lives. To bring in what I see, experience, the essence of the terroir into my studio space where I can draw down the focus and emotion into the subject matter.

“My self portraits were a way to rediscover who I was. To literally strip away the branding I was accustomed to and just feel myself in my skin. See how unwinding from American culture was effecting my interior being and the changes it had on me mentally, emotionally and physically.”

(TK) What is your favorite aspect of your work?

(JB) That it is never really finished.

(TK) How does your life differ now today, from your life in New York?

(JB) It’s completely different in every aspect! The conveniences of New York are gone (laundry service, dishwasher, seamless, high speed internet, uber, 24 hour food options) but what I traded it in for was calm. Using my hands. Making time to actually live, meaning, making all my meals, building fires at night and adhering to the French way of life with their set boundaries of work time and personal time. There is so much less noise in my day to day life I can focus on my art and a deeper connection to each day.

luxe provence jamie beck collaboration

(TK) What are you inspired by each day?

(JB) The earth, the sky, the air, the light, the skin. What happens around us everyday is nothing short of a miracle to me.

(TK) What advise would you give your 20 year old self?

(JB) Don’t buy so much stuff.

(TK) What is your favorite beauty product?

(JB) Vintner’s Daughter, like nature’s vitamins for your face. Buly 1803 Dry Rose Body Oil to make my skin shine for my self portraits like an oil painting.

Chantecaille Liquid Lumière for highlights on the face. Tata Harper Lip and Cheek tints for a little color on my lips and cheeks.

Do you have a ritual for keeping your skin so gorgeous?

(JB) Of course my skin is a result of how much water I drink, sleep I get, hormones and veggies I consume. When I went back to the US my skin went crazy which I think was a result of the change of food or food quality. When all is balanced I’m really happy washing my face (at night only) with EmerginC blue poppy enzyme polish. In the morning when I wake up and at night after I wash my face I dampen my skin with water followed by EmerginC scientific organics phytocell serum, a few drops of Vintner’s Daughter, then either day or night Restorsea face cream.

life in provence linen dress made in france

(TK) Give us an idea of your perfect day…

(JB) Wake up to the bell tolls in my village, have french press coffee in bed. Go for a walk in the country and find inspiration. Pick up groceries for lunch and dinner. Prepare a healthy homemade lunch, typically a salad with some hot, honey, lemon water. Spend the afternoon and early evening making photographs, which I then edit fireside with some wine before making a home cooked dinner.

(TK) Your favorite escape or weekend destination in Provence?

(JB) Really, I love going on long bike rides through the countryside and having a picnic at the base of Lacoste. As far as towns, I love going to Arles! The art and photography culture there is so strong and they have a great food scene.

visit arles


(TK) What is your definition of true happiness?
(JB) Freedom and a creative life.

(TK) Inspiration behind this season’s dress design collaboration?

(JB) I wanted the dress to be a true interpretation of all the references of Provence. The creamy warm tan color of the stones taken so many hundreds or thousands of years ago to build the towns and bridges and aqueducts of this region. The goddess like statues you find at the entrances of most towns with her full, sweeping skirt and warrior like leg dynamically striding through. The linen fabric, which is the perfect thing to live in here, earthy and cool and easy, and that line the brocantes with monogrammed table cloths, sheets and antique dressing. The ruching on the waist line was inspired by the cuffs and necklines of men’s French antique linen dressing shirts. The true Provence is dusty, so I wanted the kind of dress you could wear in the garden picking vegetables, or at a beautiful bastide lunch with the summer sun shinning through the trees. The wrap of the dress was inspired to be reminiscent to the linen aprons and life in a kitchen cooking with love to be shared. Practical pockets for carrying coins to the market or to run out to buy a hot baguette.

jamie beck provence design luxe provence


Jamie’s first dress design for Luxe Provence will be on pre-sale in limited edition only, starting with pre-sales mid-May. This collaboration will be sold exclusively on

Stay tuned on Instagram and here on the blog for more details on her “French Art of Dressing” with behind the scenes footage and inspiration about this collaboration. The first linen dress design will be included in our SS18 collection, revealed soon!

linen dress made in provence france jamie beck luxe provence


Images copyright of Jamie Beck. Learn more about Jamie’s work and life as an Artist in Provence here:, or discover her photographs and work live in an exhibition on the female form along with her Cinemagraphs this month created together with her creative partner and husband, Kevin Burg, at the International Center of Photography in NY.


Blog Article, Arles photo and Interview by Luxe Provence Founder/Creative Director, Tarik Koivisto

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36 Hours of Wine Tasting in Les Alpilles

March 7, 2018
travel wineguide provence les baux de provence

(Hotel Château des Alpilles in Saint Remy)

There is a spot of mystique and natural beauty that must be experienced to be understood: the Provençal wine region of Les Baux-de-Provence Appellation d’origine controlee (AOP).

The Alpilles Mountains run a ridge through the north-western corner of the Bouches du Rhône department of Provence. Alpilles means little Alps, but visitors to the area are moved by the largess of the wildly rugged, authentic and mysterious setting. It’s here that a small group of winemakers produce red, rosé and white wines in the shadow of Les Baux-de-Provence village, a 13th century fortification that lends its name to this AOP.

Vineyards can be found on either side of the Alpilles Mountains, cresting into the quite dry, fascinatingly hot oven where the grapes thrive and the Mistral wind blows. This region is unique for production of a larger percent (over 50%) of red wine, rather than the traditionally Provençal output of primarily rosé. Most estates also grow olives and mill olive oil, established under an agricultural AOP as well.

While the AOP is young (celebrating 21 years this summer), the practice of making wine is ancient, often conducted as part of general family farming in recent history, but dating back to Roman times when this area of Provence was on the road from Rome to Spain. Roman and Greek ruins can still be viewed in the area. The AOP leans heavily on biodynamique and organic farming and movements are in process to include these practices as an AOP mandate. It is also a small settlement of only twelve estates; a unique opportunity to taste and purchase a full portfolio from the area.

provence wine chateau estoublon

36 Hours in Les Baux de-Provence AOP

Locals and visitors can enjoy a summer exploration of each of these estates. Many of them do not export greatly, or at all, outside of Provence. Les Baux-de-Provence wines are found in local hotels, restaurants and for sale on site, with a small portion available for export. Taking time to explore and discover the region is the best and perhaps only way to experience the richness of this distinct space.



cheese-ofprovenceStart out early on Friday morning with a visit to the Eygalières market. Here you’ll find gorgeous produce (and a scarf or dress in colors to match), plump roasted chickens, aromatic herbs, colorful baskets and lots of families out doing their shopping. Local vignerons are often at the market, increasing one’s chances of getting an inside conversation with a local winemaker. Gather picnic essentials: cheese, a couple of baguettes, a chicken and some tomatoes. These can be eaten on a sunny stone wall, or under a tree along the summit, where château ruins offer a view of the Alpilles. After lunch, pace the afternoon around time at these neighboring wine estates.

Domaine de la Vallongue

domaine de la vallongue provence aopThe name means Domaine of the Long Valley, signifying the estate’s location on the ancient Roman roadway connecting Rome and Spain. Enjoy a tasting of the domaine’s red, white and rosé wines as well as the AOC olive oils, for sale on premises.

Domaine Lauzières

Taste both estate wine and olive oil in the domaine’s carnotzet, a Swiss word depicting a cellar bar or room where people gather to taste wine in a lively and welcoming setting. Purchase wines in 750ml bottles or an impressive magnum bottle for entertaining.

domaine de la lauzieres provence wine

Mas de Gourgonnier

This family-run estate welcomes visitors to their bio-dynamically farmed estate. They’ve been certified by European and American governing bodies for sustainable growing methods. Guests can taste and purchase wine and olive oil and perhaps meet one of the estate family members.

Mas de la Dame

Vincent Van Gogh once painted Mas de la Dame, in a work once featured at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. The likeness now appears on certain bottles of Mas de la Dame wine. Visit and taste wine and olive oil in this family-run, historic cellar.

Chateau d’Estoublonaop-les-baux-de-provence-wines

Pop into the Chateau’s boutique to purchase wine and tasty gourmet and local treats. A family friendly self-guided walking tour leads through the native habitat as well as the grape and olive growing culture. Enjoy an exquisite dinner at Bistro Mogador (weekday dinner July and August only), the on-site restaurant.

After dinner, spend the evening in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, a town rich with stone, light and history that leaps back many years to Gallo-Roman times. The layout of the town still bears the shape of a protective circle, and the remains of a 14th century wall (including distinctive portes) still welcome residents as they stroll through town. Plane (platane in French) trees line routes leading into town, many planted by Romans to distinguish travel lines.

plane trees of provence

Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is inviting for luxury and appeals to ancient artistic urges. Vincent Van Gogh still lives through nearby environs which exhibit the colors, nature strokes, sky and stone that he painted until the end of his life.

luxe provence hotel de tourrel

Luxury hotels in and around Saint-Rémy-de-Provence are a curated delight. Consider booking at Hotel de Tourrel (recently featured), l’Oustau Baumanière les Baux de Provence, Domaine de Manville or our favorite, Chateau des Alpilles (below). Discover quintessential “Luxe Provence” from its storybook chateau, luxury appointed rooms… to the welcoming staff (read more about my love affair with this fabulous place here) for a truly restful and pampering overnight between vineyard visits. If you cannot nab a room at the chateau, you can also opt for a lovely relaxed lunch poolside featuring fresh fish, grilled local meats and Mediterranean cuisine during the summer months.



Linger over breakfast at your hotel before packing up the car to head to the village of Les Baux de-Provence. This village welcomes many visitors each year because it is absolutely unique in natural setting as well as its history as a Provençal stronghold dating back to the 10th century. Carved and re-carved out of the bauxite hills, the village is visually stunning and presents a glorious view of the surrounding vineyards and Alpilles Mountains. A stop at the nearby Les Carriere des Lumieres is a stirring and imaginative distinction set aside exclusively for visitors to this area. Nothing else like it exists! Continue the day by tasting wine from the vineyards just observed from above.
les baux de provence wine tasting

Domaine Guilbert

Located on the road out of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Domaine Guilbert is the smallest domaine in the appellation. The domaine’s mas (the southern French term for a country house, typically made of stone) and cellar is situated around lavender, cypress and olive trees; a natural expression of the region.

Château Dalmeran

Château Dalmeran offers cooking and wine tasting classes at their château where olive groves and vineyards grow. Take home your own bottle of Château Dalmeran Red, a cellar-worthy blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cabernet-Sauvignon aged in oak for 24 months and sold 5 years after harvest.

Mas Sainte Berthe

The stony vineyards and welcoming tasting room of Mas Sainte Berthe rest at the foot of Les Baux de-Provence village. After tasting or purchasing from their set of red, white and rosé wines, Mas Sainte Berte invites visitors for a walk through the property. Get cameras ready for a unique view of the village from the vines.

Domaine des Terres Blanches

Domaine de Terres Blanches is located along a gravel road, which eventually leads to vines and onward to the tasting room. The estate offers promenades around the property, which is directly in the shadow of the Alpilles Mountains. The estate utilizes “BioActive” farming methods, thus leaving much of the surrounding natural, an excellent spot to connect with the native essence of the area. The wines here are lovely, from bright and delightful whites and rosés to fragrant reds.

Château Romanin

Recently completed, the estate’s chai is exquisitely modeled after a cathedral, carved into the native rock. The tasting room is just as beautiful, with soothing wood and metals in custom décor. Taste or buy from their lineup of wines in a luxurious setting.

After a day of walks, wine and sightseeing spend and evening in the hotel’s piscine followed by a late dinner in town. Maison Drouot, Bistrot du Paradou and L’Estagnol make lovely choices for gastronomique, locally-sourced menus. (see earlier article here for more)

Baumanière les Baux-de-Provence


This luxury hotel dramatically set in the valley of Les Baux de Provence embodies the region’s artisanal and gastronomic traditions, which have been passed down from generation to generation for over seven decades. Founded more than 70 years ago by Raymond Thuilier, l‘Oustau de Baumanière has maintained its iconic status as an authentic Provence institution for both dining and luxury relaxation retreats in the area.

The Baumaniere integrates two local wine estates to its gastronomic restaurants and boutique, Domaine Hauvette and L’Affectif, the creation of Jean-André Charial, current founder of l’Oustau Baumanière. Jean-André’s vineyard is located at Domaine de Lauzières where he produces 8 000 bottles of L’Affectif, his own delicious biodynamic wine. This Michelin-starred chef also offers personable cooking classes on Saturday mornings throughout the season and their newly redesigned bistro serves up delightful, fresh seafood each day, combined with local ingredients from the hotel’s own organic gardens.

Another estate of note, Domaine de Trevallon, is an important part of the regional winemaking story. Founder Eloi Dürrbach planted his first vineyard in the Alpilles in 1973. Since then he’s been a groundbreaker for authentic, sustainable and innovative Alpilles winemaking. To preserve his estate’s ability to make wine without appellation restrictions, the estate is not a member of the AOP. Still, these wines reflect the region through landmark methods and flavors and play a significant role Alpilles winemaking.

5 Les Baux de-Provence AOP Wines for Summer Meal Pairings



With so much lovely wine to choose from, it could be a hard decision when it comes to purchasing wine to enjoy during a Provençal summer. May we suggest a few bottles?

Domaine de Lauziers Equinoxe 2015 Rosé

Powder pink in color, this wine opens with “basil-scented strawberry notes” leading into citrus aromas. Balanced in profile and acidity, the winemaker suggests pairing with Mediterranean Bluefin tuna, small meat-stuffed vegetables or a strawberry, citrus fruit and herb soup. 90% Grenache Noir, 5% Counoise and 5% Mourvèdre.

Chateau Romanin AOP Les Baux-de-Provence 2015 Rosé

Pale pink and delicate, this wine offers a balanced and complex profile to accompany the flavors of meal. The winemaker recommends pairing with mixed summer salads, seafood and fruit salads. Grenache, Counoise, Syrah and Mourvèdre.

Domaine des Terres Blanches Les Baux-de-Provence AOP Blanc 2014

Intense yet clean, crisp and “slightly effervescent” this wine can be enjoyed now or cellared for up to eight years. Pascal Leonetti, Best Sommelier in France 2006, sommelier at the Auberge de l’ill (three Michelin stars) offers the following pairing suggestions: “salad of scampi fried in olive oil, or Japanese cuisine, smoked salmon maki. Provençal goat’s cheeses, such as matured Banon, are also a good match.” Rolle, Grenache Blanc, Clairette, Marsanne, Ugni Blanc, Roussane and Viognier.

Château d’Estoublon 2015 Rosé

Aromatic and expressive of the region, this well-rounded wine with candy jar flavors is perfect to sip by the pool or with a meal. Pair with a plate of almonds, goat cheese and a baguette or with a summer meal of greens and a lightly seasoned roast chicken. 60% Grenache, 20% Syrah and 20% Mourvèdre.

Domaine de la Vallounge Cuvée Garrigues 2015 AOP Baux de Provence

Lively and fresh, this well-balanced bottle exhibits citrus and white fruit flavors. Lovely as a pre-meal drink or with a menu of grilled fish and vegetables or salads dressed in a local olive oil. 60% Grenache, 40% Cinsault.



Guest Post written by: Jill Barth


We are very excited to introduce guest author, blogger and Provence wine expert, Jill Barth. Jill is a wine writer and journalist based in the US who frequently travels to Provence. She blogs at L’occasion and is a certified Provence Wine Master. 

Visit her on Instagram and twitter as @jillbarth and on Facebook as L’occasion. (Originally posted June 10, 2016 with updates August 8, 2017.)

Designed In Provence, Luxe Provence Lifestyle

Luxe Provence SS18

March 1, 2018

We are pleased to present a first look at the Luxe Provence SS18 Lifestyle collection we have been working so hard on. Our spring and summer collection features casual, chic and sophisticated linen dresses and high quality French cotton easy-to-wear pieces inspired by our vision of the South of France Lifestyle.  Each piece is designed to flatter a variety of body shapes and be worn in elegance from day to night… barefoot to heels… simple, chic and elegant. Our first pieces are being released now in the boutique here, and ‘sur mesure’ to our members inside our V4: Mediterranean Gold Subscription in limited edition only.

luxe provence vichy gingham linen dress made in france artisans of provence

About Our Lifestyle Collection: Proudly Made in Provence

Our Lifestyle Collection is proudly designed and produced just outside of Aix-en-Provence in the heart of Provence. Creative Director/Founder, Tarik Koivisto, leads the design and production of each piece and works directly with a talented local couturist.  We are proud to collaborate with the talented Artisan of Provence to create our collections Made in Provence each season, using high quality European linens, luxury French cottons and silk. Each collection is a limited edition series available in 2-3 patterns or prints, so that are collections remain fresh and exclusive. Our Luxe Provence Lifestyle Collection is available online in our boutique, and select pieces ‘sur mesure’ in our Mediterranean Gold Subscription.

Mediterranean Gold Subscription

The Mediterranean Gold Subscription is a tailored, or ‘sur mesure’ experience with the opportunity to experience the style and lifestyle of the Mediterranean. Within this subscription, we feature select pieces from our Luxe Provence Lifestyle collection, along with upcoming Mediterranean designers, luxury and artisanal brands from Italy, Spain, and Morocco. Our team works with each of our clients 1:1 via email correspondence and personalized style questionnaires throughout the subscription experience to develop curations that are custom to each client, yet careful and thoughtful to include an element of surprise. We generally offer a choice between 2-3 design options from our Luxe Provence Lifestyle pieces and members receive these pieces in advance of their online boutique release. For example, the salopette short combi pictured above is only one of three options available for our current, V4: Mediterranean Queen curation. Each subscriber has their owns dossier with measurements, style and color preferences so that the pieces are truly created for you.

This Just In – The Ultimate Provence Collaboration Coming Soon

And we are thrilled to announce that we are collaborating with the multi-talented and brilliantly creative, Jamie Beck (of Ann Street Studio) on her first and limited edition linen dress design for our SS18 Collection. We’ve been inspired by Jamie’s work and creative talents since her move to Provence and are ecstatic to collaborate with her!

Watch this space and be sure to follow her on Instagram to catch behind the scenes footage of our design process as this dream collaboration comes to life… direct from our atelier just outside of Aix-en-Provence. More details coming very soon! 

For now, enjoy this first look… and get ready. We will release only a limited edition collection of this first piece coming this May, you do not want to miss it. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest release dates for this upcoming collaboration.

Artisans of Provence, Behind The Curation

Artisans of Provence: Valérie Casado

January 29, 2018

Each season, we select an Artisan of Provence™ to collaborate with for our Luxe Provence curations and boutique collections. In the spirit of spring and the much-anticipated return of blooms, we have chosen the delicate and beautiful ceramics of Valérie Casado. I had the pleasure of visiting Valérie’s atelier recently just outside the charming Provence village of Isle sur la Sorgue.

Each of Valérie’s pieces is formed organically by hand, working with vintage objects, lace, parsley, buttercups and wildflowers to form beautiful, unique patterns. Created from either unglazed baked porcelain or terre rouge, each of Valérie Casado’s pieces bring a touch of modern whimsy and French charm into your home.

We wanted to take each piece home and her layered blooming place settings are to die for. The thinness she achieves in her small plates and platters, which remain strong and durable, are really quite incredible. Her art de la table brings a balance of tradition and modernity, texture and delicacy to any tablesetting.

Valérie Casado’s ceramic works are lead by instinct and intuition allowing her hands to guide her through the artistic creation of each piece.  Originally from Bordeaux, Valérie studied ceramics at the cultural centre in Pernes-les-Fontaines and now enjoys Provence life from her atelier in the heart of the Vaucluse. Her unique porcelain stamped serving pieces fetch upwards of $495 for a single piece, due to their fine, handcrafted nature.

Her work is appreciated around the world, from Paris, Madrid, London, New York, Tokyo and Hamburg.. and now to the USA inside this season’s Luxe Provence V11: Art de la Table spring curation shipping mid- March, and also in our sold-out Valentine’s Day Mediterranean Gold box.

luxe provence artisans of provence

Don’t miss our limited edition Spring V11: Art de la Table curation, by reserving yours today… we only have a few left. Shipping begins the first day of Spring to your doorstep from Provence.

luxe provence gifts artisans of provence slow luxury


Article and Photography by Founder/Creative Director: Tarik Koivisto. All rights reserved. Learn more about the villages of Provence here.

Behind The Curation

Take A Peek Inside our Luxury Subscriptions

December 18, 2017
best luxury subscription gifts from provence

We have just wrapped up another fantastic season of deliveries, from our V10 Luxe Provence Blush – Coquine Curation featuring the luxuries of Provence… to our V2: Mediterranean Gold – Morocco Collection loaded with the best in luxury Mediterranean design.

luxury subscription box
Curious about what was inside our Coquine Curation, take a look at our Mini Magazine with the story behind this season’s Luxe Provence Blush curation below.

And here’s what our clients are saying about both of our Luxury Subscriptions...

“I received my two parcels today. Imagine my surprise opening them to see my gorgeous handbags. I was nervous about the color and style of the bags. Your photos do not do these handbags justice. I own 6 Prada bags and I love these just as much. The color of the gray is so unusual and chic. The python (so glad I took this risk) is TO DIE FOR! —TO DIE FOR! Your attention to detail when choosing the accompanying wallets is much appreciated. Beautiful combinations….Job well done! Thank you.”

– Kathleen

“…I am so happy that I treated myself to both subscriptions as they are both very special… The earrings are perfection. Love your taste and am grateful and appreciate the thought put into each box. Loved everything!!!!!”

– Connie


So.. Are you ready to be delighted and indulged, all year long? Subscribe today!

Gastronomy & Wine

Luxe Provence Holiday Wine Guide

December 10, 2017

Provence is known for luminosity, of genuine warmth is a setting of rich contrast. The Christmas season is an enveloping time of year when the light changes, the air is chilly, and traditions find a most sacred space in the homes of Provençal families.

This is the season of celebration, the Saison des Fêtes, highlighted by the Christmas markets that pop up in villages large and small as early as the end of November. Fill your shopping basket with delightful gifts and delicacies to enjoy with family and friends. Or take a ride throughout some of the most beautiful vineyard properties in Provence, in a vintage carriage to both taste and enjoy the scenery, such delicious wine tours are offered at the Var’s Château Fontableau.

Foie gras, shellfish, fresh poultry, and pastries fill shop windows drawing a playful hunger and excitement for the Christmas feast or Le Gros Souper. Le Gros Souper (the big supper) is a decadent, meatless meal enjoyed by families on Christmas Eve, often before Midnight Mass.

Sweet treats such as the Bouche de Noel and Thirteen Desserts (an array of dried fruit, nougats, melon, bread, calissons, pain d’epices, and other regional bites) which represent Christ and the twelve apostles cap Le Gros Souper. Vin cuit, a traditional cooked wine commonly crafted in the wine-producing region around Mont Sainte Victoire. To make vin cuit, pressed juice from the recent harvest is heated to just-under-boiling over a wood fire. After ten days, this reduced juice undergoes a fermentation, resulting in a sweet dessert wine.

Vin cuit follows the Thirteen Desserts as does a choice of local wines. Luxe Provence presents a selection of local wines to pair with your holiday traditions, to evoke the essence of the South of France in December in your home.

Château Coussin Sainte Victoire Côtes de Provence 2015

Château Coussin’s beautiful red wine from Sainte Victoire Côtes de Provence is composed of 70% Syrah and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon from vines of an average age of 30 years. Ripe black fruit and silky tannins balance with a bite of pepper on the finish. We particularly enjoy their Cuvée César à Sumeire Rouge 2015 composed of a slightly more complex blend of 70% Syrah, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Grenache. The perfect accompaniment to wild game, or venison Christmas lunch. This region is famous for the images of Mont Sainte Victoire immortalized in Cezanne’s paintings. It is also a bastion of ancient Roman and Greek vineyards, settlements, and agriculture.

Château de Chausse Côtes de Provence Rubis 2013

Château de Chausse is nestled on the St. Tropez Peninsula, several kilometers from the city of the same name. The estate’s Rubis is a Côtes de Provence AOP red made primarily of Syrah. Vines are all hand-harvested with minimal intervention. Château de Chausse focuses on high-quality wines, including red wines that can age beautifully. Rubis would be excellent for gift-giving, to adorn the cellar of your favorite collector.

Domaine de Trevallon Rouge and Blanc 2014

Domaine de Trevallon, near Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, is located in Saint-Etienne-du-Grès on the north ridge of the Alpilles range. Eloi Dürrbach envisioned vines planted in these nooks of scrubland that supported olive trees. The olives still thrive alongside the vines, all treated with the most natural of methods. The domaine crafts a red and white, each expressive of the Alpilles limestone and garrigue. Their 2014 Domaine de Trevallon Rouge receives very high marks for its unique nez of cassis, wood, mushrooms and leather, pairing perfectly with a truffle-based dish.

Le Grand Clos La Maîtresse Rosé Brut NV

Le Grand Clos La Maîtresse Rosé Brut is a delicate sparkling rosé, one intended for special gatherings. Hand-picked Grenache, Syrah, and Chardonnay express a balanced acidity, thanks to the maritime climate in which they grow in the foothills of the Massif des Maures. Dry stone, olives, and scrub herbs dress this setting, where the proprietors utilize the latest technology in an old-world environment.

Château Simone Palette Blanc 2013

Château Simone (top photo) produces about half of the wine from the tiny appellation of Palette, one of the most prestigious wine regions of Provence. The average age of the vines used in their Blanc is over 50 years – some ancient vines reach back as far as 100 years. This blend is a classic frame of the region: Clairette, Grenache Blanc, Ugni Blanc, Bourboulenc, and Muscat Blanc. This is a structured white wine, having spent 18 months in French Oak and harvested by hand. This white is a spectacular blend and may be paired beautifully with shellfish, crab and lobster for the perfect Christmas, or New Year’s Eve celebration.

luxe provence wine guide





Enjoy your holidays and we hope we have helped you to discover a new Provence wine selection for your special celebration. 

#Celebratingthegoodlife …


Blog Written by: Jill Barth from L’Occasion – A Reason for Wine and Provence Wine Master with special notations by Tarik Koivisto for Luxe Provence.  

French Beauty & Fragrance

Luxe Provence Natural Beauty Guide

December 4, 2017

With the season of giving approaching, we are excited to share our Luxe Provence Natural Beauty Guide featuring our top selections Made in Provence and not widely available abroad. All of these items make for lovely and thoughtful gifts this season, with a few of our top selections tucked inside our V10: Coquine Collection.

We have tested a variety of Provence beauty brands extensively over the past two years and our selections focus on products made locally with the highest percentage of natural ingredients, authenticity and high ethical standards.

To start things off, we are pleased to introduce a relatively new brand that we adore, Végétalement Provence. We were instantly smitten with both their formulations, featuring only natural ingredients and perfectly balanced fragrances, and their professional, passionate and talented team behind this award-winning haircare and natural organic beauty brand. The team at VP treated me to their full diagnostic and hair spa experience a few months back and it was an amazing. The products are formulated by a team of veteran luxury industry experts, including leading haircare brands, Wella and Sebastian. For my visit, my hair’s condition was assessed and then treated with the perfect spa-sensorial prescription. I left my visit with my hair noticeably silky soft, possessing lots of natural shine. I was treated to a styling and blow-out by celebrity hair artist, David, who gave me the perfect balanced style of edge and finesse. My favorite products are their Brume Hydratante leave-in conditioner and their Potion Magique, one of which will be featured inside our V10: Coquine Collection shipping next week. The brand has won numerous innovation awards for it’s haircare and men’s “Barbe” line, which is 100% organic.

VP has created a comprehensive professional and consumer line of haircare featuring all the benefits of natural vegetable and essential oils from the Mediterranean to create a revolutionary natural line derived from ancestral know-how. The arid lands of Provence contain a wide variety of “wild” plants whose aromatic and medicinal properties have been known since ancient times. This is why we have chosen to feature this authentic Provence brand with high product standards.

Our next favorite natural and vegan-friendly beauty brand is, Concept Provence. A long-time favorite of ours founded by a lovely local couple, Jean-Paul and Renata Negroni, with offices just a hop, skip and jump away from ours. We love this brand for its authentic, yet modern and clean approach to creating natural beauty products. Our favorites are the masculine-leaning fragrances of their body milks, liquid handsoaps and candle lines (which we featured in last year’s holiday curation). We have selected one of our favorite fragranced body milks as a surprise in this season’s V10 curation as well, designed to deliver a Provence spa experience to your doorstep.

Our next Luxe Provence natural beauty brand selection, is Source de Provence. This Provence beauty brand offers up 99% natural formulations for their product lines. Their fragranced fig products are completely sensual and unique in the market. We adore their Fig Sap fragranced Creme de Jour Ressourcante and their gorgeous Huile Seche, or Dry Oils, perfect for both body and hair. This brand continues to deliver ethically made natural skincare from Provence of high from provence

And last but not least, we always keep a hand cream of either Melon Basil or Vin Rosé from Rose et Marius in our purse (delivered last season in our Blush curation), and adore the Olive Oil Body Butter from brand, Panier des Sens, for extra moisturizing with its lovely subtle fragrance. (This one is widely available in the USA, hence not in our boutique…). Shop our natural beauty favorites in our holiday gift collections or receive a sampling inside our next Blush curation shipping next week, but hurry we have only a handful left!


Article written by Tarik Koivisto, Founder of Luxe Provence. Photo Credits: By Tarik Koivisto except photo of Renata Negroni by LIGHT STUDIO – Daniel Chavey

Gastronomy & Wine, Taste of Provence

2017 Luxe Provence Thanksgiving Wine Guide

November 20, 2017

French wines from Provence and the Southern Rhône Valley are generously varied, with a wine to suit every possible meal. This time of year, thoughts turn to the holidays, when traditional flavors come together on the table as families gather together in homes across the world. The American holiday of Thanksgiving is meant to celebrate local foods prepared by those of many backgrounds, joining in the spirit of friendship, family, abundance and prosperity. Who can resist such charm, such comfort?

Our Luxe Provence Thanksgiving Wine Guide has been curated to envelope the authenticity of wines from the South of France, paired with the range of traditional Thanksgiving foods. These wines are particularly food-friendly and will be a delight with any menu during the holiday season.

ameillaud provence wine guide thanksgiving

Harmas AOP Cairanne Villages 2015

Cairanne is a relatively new Cru, recognized as such in 2016, though excellent Côtes du Rhône Villages wine has been made there for many generations. The Domaine l’Ameillaud property was built in the mid 19th century and current owners, Nick and Sabine Thompson, have established a truly soothing and beautiful environment, surrounded by the Dentelles de Montmirail, native vineyards, and olive trees. Not only do the Thompsons make wine with impeccable character, they also run Mas Meyeau, a relaxing holiday rental with vineyard views. Harmas is a blend of 60% Grenache, 20% Syrah 18% Carignan, and a dash of Mourvèdre from 45-year-old-vines. Beautiful smooth tannins and rich aromatics make this a beautiful pairing for your holiday lamb prepared with Herbs de Provence.

provence wine guide domaine l'ameillaud

Domaine Dalmeran Dalmeran en Blanc 2016

Domaine Dalmeran is a member of Les Baux-de-Provence AOP. Their beautiful property is located on the edge of Saint-Etienne-du-Grès, with a vineyard view of the Alpilles range. This producer is highly artful in their wines as well as their setting, with carved woodwork sculptures scattered throughout the expansive garden and lawn.

dalmeran provence wine guide thanksgiving wines

A white wine from the region is uncommon, and this particular bottle is aromatic, rich and balanced – perfect for nearly any dish on the Thanksgiving table. Grenache Blanc, Clairette, Rousssane, and Bourboulenc are all grown organically, in the fashion of all Domaine Dalmeran vines.

luxe provence wine guide jill barth

Domaine Melody, CHAOS BLANC, AOC Crozes-Hermitage, Blanc, 2016

We just tasted this lovely Chaos Blanc at the fabulous new La Cave du Cours Mirabeau in Aix-en-Provence last week. This great local cave offers an excellent, diverse selection of our favorite wines and is a great place to stop in for a tasting, while strolling in Aix. This beautiful dry white made from a blend of 70 percent Roussanne and 30 percent Marsanne grapes grown in the pebbly, white kaolin soils of Chateau de Larnage. This Crozes-Hermitage is a perfectly oaked white “with hints of peach and hawthorne flower mingling with cream, and deep, resonant flavors which turn the fruit allusions towards soft apricot, almond and cashew… 91 points from Decanter Magazine.”  A great opton for those who prefer a complex white with their turkey and a nutty stuffing.

Domaine de la Bouïssière Gigondas 2014

Thierry and Gilles Faravel, brothers, are the second-generation proprietors and winemakers at Domaine le Bouïssière. They work with an eye on tradition, but a forward-facing wisdom to realize the highest potential of the region for the future. They tend decades-old vines planted by their father, some grown with altitude in the Dentelles de Montmirail (pictured above). This Gigondas is 75% Grenache, 25% Syrah, and 5% Mourvèdre. One of the most beautiful characteristics of this wine is the freshness of the fruit. While this is a full-bodied wine, balanced acids harmonize with tannins to bring a generous food-friendliness. Rich sausage stuffing and even balsamic Brussels sprouts would go well with this wine.

Domaine Saint André de Figuière Atmosphère 2016 (also featured in first photo)

A sparkling wine from Provence is a rarity, but the Combard family believes there is place in the picture for rosé bubbly that is emblematic of the region. The family-run domaine is located between Mediterranean Sea and Massif des Maures near Bormes-les-Mimosas.

This extra brut wine is made in the Méthode Traditionelle, the same process that creates Champagne. A blend of Cinsault and Grenache offers aromatic minerality, dressed in a fizz of bubbles. According to the domaine, “Atmosphère is the product of a group effort that started in 2008 and was overseen by some 20 winegrowers, the French agricultural regulating body INAO and the Rosé Wine Experimentation and Research Center in Vidauban, France.”

Domaine de Beaurenard Rasteau Vin Doux Naturel

Vin Doux Naturel is a traditional dessert wine from the Southern Rhône Valley, one that possesses a dissolving savoriness as much as sweetness. This bottle comes from Domaine de Beaurenard, known for their biodynamic portfolio from Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Family-run for seven generations, their name dates back to an age when the ancient Provençal language was spoken in the area. This wine comes from their vineyards in nearby Rasteau, a haven of sloping south-facing vineyards that are protected from the Mistral. Vin Doux Naturel, or VDN, is excellent as a dessert wine – a few sips are complex, rich and satisfying. A substantial cheese plate with a handful of salted almonds would also be lovely with this.

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving and let us know what you think about our wine selections for this season. Stay tuned for our holiday wine guide, coming up next!


Blog Written by: Jill Barth from L’Occasion – A Reason for Wine and Provence Wine Master for Luxe Provence.  Graphic design, additions by Tarik Koivisto.

Photo credits: Vineyards shots by Tarik Koivisto, Ameillaud and Dalmeran by Jill Barth. Images of Domaine de Bouissiere, Domaine de Beaurenard, Domaine Saint André de Figuière courtesy of the owners.